2018 Dodge DEMON and SRT Durango – Startup, Revs and Exhaust Note VIDEOS

Dodge brought out the big guns for the recent Midwest Auto Media event at Road America racetrack. Their two new sluggers left the crowd in awe!  The SRT Durango was a surprising arrival — considering it has never been seen in real life to date.  The huge news with this monster-V8 SUV is that its tires are simply massive.  Taller than you might expect and wider than most true performance cars — these Pirellis are critical for putting so much power to the ground.  Dodge promises performance to wallop the Yukon Denali and even out-handle the SRT Grand Cherokee. But the …

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2017 EAGLE Spyder GT – Third Bespoke E-Type Creation – Much Faster than Speedster, Plus First-Ever Ragtop!

The Eagle Speedster and Low Drag GT are two of the most-desirable restomods in the history of the genre. And that label barely does these 100-percent unique creations — reborn of aircraft-grade alloy throughout. Its deliciously widened, streamlined bodywork is shaped lovingly, by hand, in the true old-world master craftsmen tradition. Eagle Speedster and Eagle Low Drag GT Since the roofless Speedster made such a splash on Top Gear, and the Low Drag GT brought its mouthwatering appeal to just a single-digit number of total owners….. we are now in the third part of the Eagle ‘trilogy.’ This new Spyder GT …

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RM Arizona 2016 - 1963 Shelby 289 Cobra DRAGONSNAKE  20

RM Arizona 2016 – 1963 Shelby 289 Cobra DRAGONSNAKE

Quite a few gorgeous classics included in a row.  These are a bit of a niche interest among readers… we know you guys prefer 2016-2020 models far more than these oldie foldies. Here is one to get you young bucks back onboard: the most successful dragracing Shelby Cobra of all time! Certainly, the Cobra is best known for its circuit racing and international endurance racing prowess. But it turns of the delicate-looking original 289 Cobra was also a world-beater on the dragstrips of the USA. So light, so grippy and so powerful…. literally nothing could keep up with this fuchsia …

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JOTA is Back in HUNT! 2016 Jaguar XJR Dragraces JetMan Dubai

  XJ. Not XF or XE. This is the big daddy superlimo, the XJR, in rare form! Jaguar has really upped its content-creation budget, and we are all the beneficiaries! The new XJR driven by F1 legend Martin Brundle races aginst Yves Rossy in a 1.75-mile matchup. The four rockets of the ‘jetman’ are all fired and pushing hard as the new XJR stomps the gas, with the winner declared at a finish line deep in the sandy horizon. The XJR is showcasing its latest rear-drive power and launch traction, courtesy of a new ASPC (all surface progress control) that …

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Update1 with 25 New Photos – 2015 Audi E-Tron Quattro Concept is Sexy but Pointless EV SUV

Updated with 25 Live Frankfurt PhotosThis is the latest Audi fantasy concept. And it is not named Prologue. Yay! But it is just as exhausting to behold. The E-Tron Quattro is a 100-percent electric SUV concept promising 310 miles of range and AWD traction. In truth, though, the idea of an EV SUV is the most ridiculous thing we can even fathom. Electric vehicles and SUV adventures are anathema. They do not mix. Imagine going skiing from Denver to Vail or Breckenridge, a three hour mountain drive climbing thousands of feet on steep mountain roads. It is snowing, with fresh …

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2016 Dodge Charger Pursuit V-8 AWD

2016 Dodge Charger PURSUIT Debuts new 12-inch Touchscreen with PnP Police Computer Systems

Dodge just updated its 2016 Charger Pursuit LEO model with some never-before-available tech: a giant portrait touchscreen that is custom-designed to be the main display and control for law enforcement officers in daily duties. Until now, the preferred method of departments to put computers into squad cars has been a floor-mounted Panasonic Toughbook. Yes, the laptop was theoretically portable, but not as mounted on its giant metal arm. Bolted down under the seat, this arm let officers move the laptop over the center console, angled toward them a bit. But still extremely awkward, and using an touchpad / nub thing …

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2016 Chevy Camaro Unveiled At Employee Event

455HP, 4.2s 2016 Chevrolet CAMARO – Official Debut in 150 Images + Tech Specs

This is it! The 2016 Camaro Six is official today with a huge debut in Belle Island, Detroit. Headline numbers are a curb weight drop by more than 200 pounds, plus a top-level (for now) engine making 455-horsepower via 6.2-liters. A new turbo engine joins the Camaro RS and SS models, with outputs of the four estimated at 275-horsepower, up to 335-hp for the 3.6-liter V6 of the RS.   Other major things to know right off the bat are: — all-new exterior design with a far more scultped and creased bodywork, giving the classic Camaro shape a highly interesting …

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king cobra mustang gif

2015 Ford Mustang KING COBRA Is 625HP Factory-Parts Cobra Jet Upgrade List!

Exciting news from Ford today — a special set of factory upgrades to make any Mustang GT into the ultimate sprint car. The early quarter-mile time Ford recorded with the all three KC packs? 10.97-seconds — a blistering pace. There are three varieties of King Cobra upgrade packages: the Drag Pack, Handling Pack and Super Pack — with the Super pack housing the giant supercharger upgrade to create a venomous dragstrip king. To get you in the mood for Mustang Cobra excellence, we’ve included a 1979 Mustang Cobra, a 2004 and a 2012 Cobra Jet down below the 2015 Ford …

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