Cadillac ESTILL 1

Design Talent Showcase – Ondrej Jirec Styles Cadillac Supercar of Your Dreams

Up-and-coming design students are a fascinating group to watch. Their ideas can go from senior thesis to luxury or exotic brands in less than five years time, and onto nearly all mainstream cars a few years after that. There are a few really exceptional breeding grounds for this ultra-elite school of designers. The Royal College of Art in England, IED Torino in Italy, or the Art Center College of Design in Pasedena, California all are top-of-mind. Ondrej Jirec attends the California entry in our shortlist — and is very busy indeed these days. His 2013 internship was with General Motors, …

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TT Sportback gif

2014 Audi TT Sportback Concept Is a Stylish Escape From Current Audi Styling Funk

Audi design is in a major funk. After a full 15 years of making BMW and Mercedes seem old and tired and boring, Audi lost the plot some time around 2010. We are not sure what exactly happened, but the magic seemed gone. The cars started to look like cheap copies of earlier Audi ideas – with the current A6 and new TT perhaps exemplifying this major design problem best. Sure, its proportions are cleaner than ever in 2015, and its new lighting is very dapper indeed. But what the heck? It looks like a 1999 model. This is a …

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Spicup gif

Concept Debrief – 1969 BMW 2800 Spicup Was Bertone Spider-Coupe Prototype

Named for its dual purpose, the Spicup is a contraction of ‘Spider’ and ‘Coupe’ into one word. This one was a joint effort and actually led with Bertone proposing the idea of a spider coupe with a retractable hardtop to BMW. A 2.8-liter straight six lives up front and the one-off Spicup BMW opened the door to more Bertone-BMW collaboration later in the 1970s. The machine is certainly unique and eye-popping today: imagine it today as some form of BMW Z4 variant: a cabrio two-door built off a traditional sedan platform. More accurately, considering the roof and semi-popup headlamps, was …

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