Vorsteiner Aventador-V Introduces Zaragoza Active Aero Mods

zaragozaVorsteiner has just added two sweet new carbon-fiber upgrades to its deep Aventador-V upgrades deck. Along with wheels and interior carbon-fiber mods, the Vorsteiner Aventador goes wild outside with a half-dozen carbon-fiber aero mods.

All this helps the standard Aventador feel far more special, unique and hypercar-like in its street presence. A custom Lambo Aventador just became almost required for current owners now that the SV has upped the ante for exterior aggression.

A pair of new pieces from Vorsteiner might be the best yet: the Zaragosa front spoiler and Zaragosa rear wing. But first, what the heck does Zaragoza mean? A quick search comes up empty for direct translations, so the closest we can suggest is that it is derived from the Basque Spanish word for ‘You’ — zarago.

The new front splitter incorporates free-floating side spats that wrap the edges of the Aventador’s nose from the road up to the headlight bezel. The effect is pretty intense versus the existing Aventador-V splitters, with performance and downforce benefits as well.

In back, a new gooseneck rear wing is taller than before and is offered with alloy or carbon uprights. A matching piece of carbon-fiber forms the base of the piece, bolting into the Lambo’s existing active aero tail. Where the factory car just flips that tail plane upward, the Zaragosa makes a far more dramatic statement. This wing is gigantic and casts long shadows even in its ‘down’ position. When flipped up, it looks as intense as the wall of rear airfoil on the McLaren P1.

Vorsteiner Aventador Zaragoza

Zaragoza Front Spoiler

The Zaragoza front spoiler was a particularly difficult feat of ingenuity, artistry, and craftsmanship as it is constructed to fit with the existing OE front bumper in a single piece of carbon fiber. To ensure this spoiler is incorporated and unified with the distinctive Aventador character, lines from the factory bumper are extended to flow with the lower, wider, and longer carbon spoiler. The Zaragoza front spoiler is approximately 25mm lower, 25mm wider, and 200mm longer compared to the factory front bumper. In addition, the vertical blades direct air away from the body to further decrease drag and turbulence. This significantly increases downforce and the stability of the front end at high speeds by directing the air away reducing frontal pressure. Paired with the Aventador-V active aero wing, side blades and diffuser, these components will surely set your vehicle apart from the pack.

Available Options:

  • 2×2 Carbon Fiber Pre-Preg w. 4 Stage UV Inhibiting Clear Lacquer Coating

Zaragoza Aero Wing

Our Zaragoza active aero rear wing works harmoniously with the factory active aero dynamics in all modes. The two-piece ultra rigid carbon fiber autoclave wing element replaces OEM deck lid for complete bolt-on integration. The wing uprights are available in T-6061 aluminum or a full carbon fiber version that mounts from the top of the wing blade for increased stability.

Available Options:

  • 2×2 Carbon Fiber Base Deck Lid w. 4 Stage UV Inhibiting Clear Lacquer Coating

  • Primered Finish Carbon Fiber Base Deck Lid

  • Carbon Fiber Wing Uprights

  • T-6061 Aluminum Wing Uprights

Rear Diffuser

Our factory 2×2 carbon fiber pre-preg autoclave replacement rear diffuser designed to bolt on to OE rear bumper locations for a flawless fit with no loss of aerodynamic downforce or airflow. Made using high temperature carbon composite to ensure the diffuser is perfectly compatible with the high heat surround the exhaust and the engine compartment.

Vorsteiner Aventador-V