Toyota FT-1 Concept – GT6 Action Teases Ducted Aero Fans and 184MPH?

The GranTurismo6 platform is getting seriously newsworthy — even for non-gamers. While some might have fantasy football, this is like fantasy supercars.

We are only on perhaps number two or three of the official reveals — among perhaps 30 manufacturers with concept racers in the game.

Ft-1 GIF

It looks like the rights arguments or all that can take a GoPro to the bumper in GT6. Similarly, the over-wrought Citroen GT5 Concept is suddenly looking quite dated.


While all the cars in the game, at least in this OEM showcase, just want the best possible performance — there is more reality in this set of designs from Mercedes-Benz and Toyota.

These huge racers could hit the roads and tracks very soon.



The FT-1 looks much more ready than the AMG Vision GranTurismo, but both are lethal and intoxicating.

The FT-1’s twin radiator fans are only the start of the air sculpting – and perhaps many more ducted fans hidden elsewhere?

The front bumper is a piece of art, and there is some big action around the front wings as well.


Shelby Cobra-honoring convex forms are seriously otherworldly. I love it. And the FT-1 both sounds high-strung in the the game; and looks fab in white and yellow and grey.


Bring on the 2016 Toyota Supra!

Am I the only one thinking the twin-turbo BMW 3.0-liter is heading for this podium-spec 2016 Supra?

Surprise! Drop-Dead Sexy Toyota Supercar GIF

Fingers crossed that the FT-1 points the way to a real Laguna Seca zen master.

GT6_TOYOTA_FT1_Nurburgring_01 GT6_TOYOTA_FT1_Nurburgring_02 GT6_TOYOTA_FT1_Rome GT6_TOYOTA_FT1_Rome-crop3 GT6_TOYOTA_FT1_Route5_01 GT6_TOYOTA_FT1_Route5_01-crop4 GT6_TOYOTA_FT1_Route5_012 ?????????????????????? ?????????????????????? ?????????????????????? ?????????????????????? ?????????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Official Release from Toyota and Sony and Polyphony Digital below.

Fabulous Toyota FT-1 Concept Is Ready to Drive January 14

Stunning FT-1 Concept Vehicle Available January 14 as a Download for PlayStation®3 Exclusive Gran Turismo® 6

Gran Turismo game engine used to pitch FT-1 concept to Toyota management

High Performance FT-1 concept embodies Toyota’s vision for ultimate track-focused coupe

Toyota Pacific Design CALTY teams 1978 and 2014 GIF

DETROIT, Michigan (Jan. 13, 2014) – It seems the virtual world continues to delight us with experiences not yet available in the real world.  Beginning January 14, the stunning Toyota FT-1 concept will be available as a downloadable vehicle for PlayStation®3’s Gran Turismo 6 (GT6) real driving simulator.  Race fans and the gaming community can experience FT-1 exclusively in GT6, where the FT-1 was created digitally to realistically demonstrate what a production FT-1 could achieve.


“Thanks to the amazing capability of the Gran Turismo game engine, gamers can enjoy a very real simulation piloting the ultra-high performance FT-1 on the tracks it was designed to master,” said Kevin Hunter, President of Calty Design Research, the group responsible for the FT-1design.

As part of the pitch process to top management that saw the FT-1 concept selected for construction and display on the international auto show circuit, Calty sought a way to help key executives (including Akio Toyoda) better experience the concept.  Calty approached Polyphony about utilizing the Gran Turismo game physics to help create a driving simulator experience that could physically communicate the performance and emotion of the high-performance concept.  For the day of design selection, the Polyphony team was able to bring the Toyota   FT-1 to life in a virtual world that captured the excitement, passion, and performance conveyed by the concept model.


This exciting concept is a spiritual pacecar for Toyota’s future design direction. Penned by enthusiast designers at Toyota’s Calty Design Research facility in Newport Beach, California, the vibrant concept represents Toyota’s vision of the ultimate high-performance sports car. Its name is derived from Future Toyota (FT), and the number “1” as in ultimate.  The unparalleled physics engine in GT6 will bring the FT-1 to life for a gaming community eager to get behind the wheel of this aggressive, track-focused, visionary sports car concept.

Gran Turismo continues to be at the forefront of development with the world’s most recognized automotive brands, pushing the racing simulator beyond gaming’s boundaries to affect the broader automotive industry as a whole. GT6, the latest iteration of the best-selling franchise, comes complete with the most realistic physics engine and massive online functionality, while offering a staggering collection of more than 1,200 of the world’s best cars and 37 tracks – with many of those cars coming first to GT6 thanks to unique partnerships like the one with Toyota.


“It’s always been a dream of ours to have our automotive partners use Gran Turismo in exciting new ways,” said Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of Gran Turismo and President of Polyphony Digital Inc. “The design team at Calty developed a stunning concept car and we were honored to work with them to render the car digitally for the concept presentation. The FT-1 is a forward-looking, technically advanced and beautiful concept car. We can’t wait to see fans’ reactions as they drive the vehicle and get to know it the way I was able to.”

GT6_TOYOTA_FT1_Nurburgring_01 Toyota_FT1_exterior_sketch_1

Owners of GT6 will be the first to test-drive the FT-1 as a free online update beginning January 14. Upon downloading the latest update, a unique seasonal event featuring the Toyota FT-1 will be made available in the game. Receive a bronze or better in the FT-1 challenge at Laguna Seca and you will receive the car. Drivers will also be able to purchase the vehicle from the Toyota dealership in the simulator without having to complete the seasonal event.

In addition to the creation of the FT-1 in GT6, Toyota is also represented in the groundbreaking Vision Gran Turismo project. A celebration of the franchise’s 15th anniversary, the project invites leading brands to design their vision of the future of driving.  The resulting concepts will be released exclusively on GT6 throughout the year.

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