Cadillac Confirms It Will Reveal 2023 Escalade-V May 11th

Cadillac made a splash when it revealed that it was producing a V version of its popular Escalade SUV. But while we got to see pictures of it and even a brief preview of how the exhaust sounds, Cadillac made us wait to hear more about what’s exactly going on with the Escalade V and it appears that the wait will be even longer with the luxury brand confirming that it will be making its official debut on May 11th.


Cadillac Unleashes “Roar Of Luxury”

While the wait for the Escalade-V’s debut will continue for a few more months, Cadillac included a consolation prize in today’s press release, with the brand unleashing what it calls “The Roar of Luxury.” But don’t let the title fool you, this is not the formal exhaust note for the new model, instead, this is a musical rendition of the exhaust note which was created by award-winning artist/producer Maffio. We have included the clip in question below but we can’t wait to hear the real deal.


Thankfully, Cadillac already released photos of the 2023 Escalade-V and it appears to be a modest makeover for the super SUV with the tweaked front and rear fascias channeling some of the magic that defines the V-Series sedan lineup. Cadillac is promising potent performance under the hood, but we get to wait until May 11th to not only find out what’s lurking under the hood, but also the full suite of changes that are in store for the 2023 Escalade-V.