2023 Toyota GR Corolla Pricing Revealed, Starts At $36,996 And Promises Budget Fun

The 2023 Toyota GR Corolla certainly did a good job catching our attention when Toyota unveiled it earlier this year. It caught our attention so much that this author is actually planning to buy one (no joke) thanks to its all-wheel drive system, turbocharged three cylinder engine, and its potent exterior styling. But while Toyota talked a good game about the GR Corolla being budget friendly, we didn’t hear anything about formal pricing for the fire breathing compact. Until now, with the Japanese auto giant revealing that elusive figure in an announcement earlier this morning

 Core Model Leads The Way In Base Level Performance

The first model is the base Core model. As the name implies, it serves as the base model and for a base price of $36,999 you get sport seats and pedals, black and grey interior styling, an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system and a bigger 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster. The option lineup for the Core is cleverly constructed and simple with a Performance package adding limited slip differentials while a Technology package adds navigation, wireless phone charging and a JBL Premium audio system.

Meanwhile, the one year only Circuit Edition takes all of the Core’s optional extras and lumps them in with extra exterior, interior and mechanical upgrades to make the GR Corolla even better out on the track. This $43,995 beast also comes with a weight saving carbon fiber roof and a special shift knob with the signature of Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda.


GR Corolla Morizo Edition Ups The Rarity Factor

Serving as the range topper in the GR Corolla family, the Morizo Edition is the one to go for if you truly want the best amount of performance for the dollar. While the $50,995 price tag is a hefty amount of coin to swallow, the Morizo makes up for it by offering a number of performance upgrades that are exclusive to it. The souped up 1.3 liter turbo three cylinder still makes 300 hp, but now gets an additional 22 lb-ft of torque thanks to a software tweak as well as a shorter ratioed six speed manual for improved acceleration runs.

The additional performance does comes at the cost of utility with every rearward mounted thing in the Corolla being removed for weight savings. That includes the rear wiper motor, rear seats, rear door speakers, and replacing the said seats with braces for extra rigidity. In some regards, it’s like the vehicular equivalent of a mullet with front passengers getting the business end, while the lightened rear end is the wild side of the car. Lightweight 18-inch alloy wheels also help cut weight and look stylish in their own right. All of this helps the car weigh in at a slim 3,163 lbs which is noticeably lighter than the Circuit Edition.

Safety will also continue to be a key part of the GR Corolla formula thanks to an impressive array of safety features including automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, lane centering technology, as well as automatic high beams for the headlights. Look for the GR Corolla to also make its way to dealerships later this year with dealerships receiving limited quantities of the model at first before supplies gradually increase in the future.