Hyundai Sheds New Details On Ioniq 6 EV, Promises Over 300 Mile WTLP Range

When Hyundai first revealed that the Ioniq 6 was coming, some of the early appetizers of information were delectable, but they also made us eagerly await the main course. Hyundai has finally delivered the goods (kind of). While the Korean auto giant is still keeping key details to itself, we finally have enough information about the Ioniq 6 to build at least a preliminary picture of what buyers can expect. 


Ioniq 6, A Proverbial Streamliner

The Ioniq 6 was purpose-built for maximizing green efficiency, but while it may look like a four-door sedan, don’t call it that in front of Hyundai reps who prefer that you call it a “streamliner.” Regardless of jargon, the Ioniq 6 is a distinct-looking car with a simple canvas featuring flowing lines and an ovoid-shaped roofline. This is partly because of demographics, with Hyundai claiming that the Ioniq 6 is for single urban professionals versus the more family-focused Ioniq 5. It’s also because it reduces aerodynamic drag, allowing the car to have a very slippery profile.    

While the Ioniq 6 will undoubtedly be a gamble for Hyundai here in the U.S. due to our country’s preference towards utility vehicles, this model could dow ell in other parts of the globe, especially in Europe and Asia, where demand for sedans is still strong among young buyers. The sleek Hyundai will have to compete for attention from established rivals like the Tesla Model S and a growing pool of new entries.


Luxury And Style Define Urban-Centric Interior

Slip inside the Ioniq 6, and the changes here are even more apparent. The cabin is full of recycled and repurposed materials and even comes with speed-sensitive dynamic lighting. Hyundai designers wanted to transform the cabin into a “cozy healing space” and have achieved this thanks to comfortable “relaxation seats” and other features that allow owners to use the car as a mobile workplace when they are not at the office.

Technology is also a prominent part of the story, and like the smaller Ioniq 5, the 6 comes loaded with all kinds of gadgets. Like its corporate cousin, two 12-inch screens are used for the digital instruments and the infotainment system, with the latter incorporating several charging ports and a standard three-prong outlet. The Vehicle To Load (VTL) tech that we first saw on the Ioniq 5 and the Kia EV6 makes its way to this model, too, which allows the 6 to serve as a hub for powering a wide range of electrical devices. Hyundai’s Smart Park system and a whole suite of driver assistance features will be standard on the 6, but while the show car features novel camera mirrors, look for the U.S.-bound models to come with traditional mirrors (due to NHTSA regulations forbidding the technology on production cars. 


Ioniq 6 Masterfully Blends Performance And Efficiency

While the Ioniq 6 shares the same E-GMP platform and the accompanying 800-volt battery architecture, Hyundai clarified that the 6 would be a different breed than the Ioniq 5. A wide range of powertrain configurations will be offered. Still, the company claimed that a properly equipped Ioniq 6 can achieve up to 610 kilometers (379 miles) on the WTLP measurement standard, though look for that figure to be lower when converted to U.S. measurements. The impressive thing is that Hyundai managed to do all this using the same 77.4 kWh battery pack and core chemistry as the Ioniq 5. Rear-wheel drive is standard, but buyers can also upgrade to an optional all-wheel drive system for better performance and four-season capability.

These all-wheel drive models will also be the most powerful thanks to a setup that produces 320 hp and allows the 6 to match the Ioniq 5’s 5.1 second 0 to 60 time. That’s a respectable amount of performance and should allow the Ioniq 6 to turn plenty of heads, especially those lucky enough to come for the ride. With the N brand also becoming a vital part of Hyundai’s sales strategy, the Ioniq 6 could receive an N variant to help boost its performance, especially if the rumored Ioniq 5 N is coming to production.


When Will We See The Ioniq 6?

Currently, the Ioniq 6 exists as a near-production concept, but the company will begin production of the Ioniq 6 in Korea later this year, with U.S. sales expected to start during the first half of 2023, with Hyundai revealing full details of the U.S. bound version in November. In the meantime, Hyundai will allow the public (especially new buyers) to learn more about the car through their all-new Digital Studio experience. This immersive experience will come with interactive content and even a virtual driving experience.

Look for pricing information also to be unveiled soon, as well as other lingering details, including the performance specs for the base RWD models.