2016 Ford Explorer Colors and Pricing – Animated Turntables in Every Color!

 explorer colors header

Thrilled to see the 2016 Explorer is progressing and evolving into an even better seven-seat SUV: new engines, new luxury and tech inside, and new style outside are all very promising. Even more exciting for shoppers than the new Platinum trim level at the top of the ladder? All new colors for every trim level – even the base Explorer 2.3-liter EcoBoost from $31,000.

We’ve prepared this animated colors visualizer with half an eye toward file sizes. Previous Mustang and 2015 Edge color articles have nearly broken the poor interwebs under the weight of 400-plus images. =]

2016 explorer trunk kick standard_absolute_black_env_036-tile 2016 explorer lights explorer colors 2016



2016 Ford Explorer COLORS


Absolute Black

2016 ford explorer colors - absolute black standard_absolute_black_env

White Platinum Metallic

2016 ford explorer colors - white platinum metallic standard_white_platinum_env

Blue Jeans

2016 ford explorer colors - blue jeans standard_blue_jeans_env

Guard Grey

2016 ford explorer colors - guard grey standard_guard_env

Bronze Fire

2016 ford explorer colors - bronze fire standard_bronze_fire_env


2016 ford explorer colors - caribou standard_caribou_env


2016 ford explorer colors - magnetic standard_magnetic_env

Ingot Silver2016 ford explorer colors - ingot silver standard_ingot_silver_env

Ruby Red

2016 ford explorer colors - bronze fire standard_ruby_red_env

Oxford White

2016 ford explorer colors - oxford white standard_oxford_white_env

2016 explorer lights 2016 explorer trunk kick standard_absolute_black_env_036-tile explorer colors 2016 explorer colors header

Build your own Explorer via the below link…