Chevrolet Previews Equinox EV, Promises $30k Starting Price

Amid all the news surrounding the unveiling of the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV pickup, GM CEO Mary Barra also confirmed that the company will be releasing an electrified version of both the Chevrolet Blazer and the Equinox EV which will bring Ultium electrification tech to two of Chevrolet’s most popular SUV models.


Equinox EV Goes Bold With Exterior Design

While the Blazer EV had stage fright and preferred to keep its exterior design away from the cameras, GM chose to release a few images of the Equinox EV during its virtual CES conference today. The exterior styling here goes in a much sportier direction than Equinoxes of the past and from some angles, it appears that Chevrolet designers took their inspiration from sporty European SUVs with the front fascia featuring a bold lower bumper treatment with lower grille pieces and a light bar that wraps around from one fender to the other. The rear styling is akin to some Porsche models with the taillights also wrapping around the liftgate though they narrow up until they reach the center-mounted bowtie logo.

Lower spec models get a less shouty suit of clothes when compared to the hot rod-inspired RS but they also do a good job of sprucing up the Equinox’s core look. This expressive styling should catch the attention of mainstream buyers, especially those that might not have ever considered the Equinox as a purchase before its electrified variant appeared.


 Equinox EV Interior Hunting For Tesla

Like the exterior, our view of the Equinox EV’s interior was limited to a few rendered images but it’s clear that Chevrolet is elevating the interior far beyond the levels seen in the current generation model. A fully digital instrument cluster and a massive infotainment screen dominate the dashboard while curves and creases are splashed in other areas. The influence of the Corvette and even the Camaro is evident in the design of the air vents and RS models get red accents to contrast the black color that dominates the cabin. Like other recent GM offerings, the Equinox EV will also come with GM’s Super Cruise technology but most likely as an option on non RS grade models.

It will be interesting to see what other surprises lurk in the Equinox EV’s interior but until we get a chance to see an example that leaps out of the design phase and into the real world it could be awhile before we have the opportunity to find out. As they say though, patience is a virtue, and we don’t mind waiting a little while to hear more about the Equinox EV.


When Will We See The Equinox EV?

The Equinox EV is slated to be a 2024 model so look for the first ones to formally appear sometime in 2023. The Equinox and Blazer EVs will help GM reach a wider net of customers especially with their ability to be sleek people haulers with value-focused pricing. Like other Ultium equipped models, the Equinox EV will use a skateboard style platform to hold all of its electrified technology, but whereas the bigger models like the Silverado will get 400 or so miles if range per charge, look for the Nox to get slightly less with 250-300 miles being the two main numbers on our radar.

Horsepower will also be lower than its bigger Ultium siblings, but look for the figures to still catch your attention when you put your foot down on the accelerator leaving stoplights or charging down freeway on-ramps.