2022 Cadillac Escalade V Brings Performance To SUV Buyers, Makes Us Wait For More Details

When Cadillac revealed that the 2022 Escalade V was thundering into the luxury SUV segment, we had plenty of questions about this luxury-lined boxing glove. Cadillac has heard our cries and has (kinda) unveiled the 2022 Escalade V.


Reworked Styling Our Best View Yet At Sporty Escalade V

A big catch with today’s unveiling is that Cadillac prefers to keep the performance hardware a secret until this spring. But while we are forced to pick up our spilled milk and dropped slices of Kings Cake and wait longer, the luxury brand did deliver a consolation prize, a detailed look at the exterior.

The changes here are not that dramatic, but that’s ok since Cadillac designers avoided the temptation to make the Escalade V a gaudy canvas of tacked-on traits. The front fascia is reworked, but it still flows with the core design, and the main changes here are the blacked-out grille, more prominent front splitter, and a reworked lower bumper.

The rear bumper has also had work done to accommodate the new quad exhaust system, and sprinklings of V badges and trim exclusive wheels identify it as something truly special. That even extends to our lone view of the interior with the bottom spoke of the steering wheel, confirming that it will get a carbon fiber-infused tiller. Look for a set of performance seats and other sporty frills once Cadillac decides to zoom the view out a bit more.


When Will It Enter Production?

Cadillac is also keeping those details close to its velvet-lined pocket, but the brand did reveal that more information about the Escalade V will appear this spring. Expect pricing that will live up to its place on the totem pole and a low production run too.

However, the slow trickle of details will do little to temper demand for the rolling answer to a question that has reverberated through the walls of General Motors the past decade. What if you took a Cadillac Escalade and introduced it to raw speed? The answer sounds as heavenly as its boosted V8 engine suggests it would