Cadillac Teases Upcoming Escalade V, Promises Something Big For The Segment

The Cadillac Escalade V has perhaps become the worst kept secret in the Metro Detroit area. The super SUV has been sighted multiple times in the Metro Detroit area and it promises to bring the Escalade into the luxury performance SUV category in a big way. Cadillac appears to be ready to spill the beans, with the company revealing that it will be formally unveiling the beefier Slade via an online event tomorrow.


Performance Thy Name Is Escalade V

The teaser video Cadillac released all but confirms the existence of the Escalade V and while the 12-second long teaser video doesn’t;t reveal much of the exterior or the interior for that matter, there’s still plenty to dissect here. A prominent part of the video is that we get to hear the engine, and it’s a far angrier beast than the 420 hp 6.2 liter V8 that sees duty in lesser models. Chances are good that this version of the Escalade lifts the engine from the CT5-V Blackwing which would give the Escalade V over 600 hp if that turns out to be the case. 

Another theory is that this could be a heavily revised version of the aforementioned 6.2 liter, but we’re betting our money on the Blackwing transplant since it would allow Cadillac to make a very dramatic yet potent performance statement. Look for the 10-speed automatic to also be carried over to this new model, but obviously beefed up with stouter internals and other upgrades to allow it to handle the immense amounts of power here.


When Will We See The Escalade V?

With the exterior and the interior preferring to stay in the shadows this time around, we get to skip into a potential timetable for the SUV’s arrival. Thankfully, it appears that the wait won’t be very long, with the luxury brand confirming that the Escalade V will be making its debut on Friday January 21st. When it does look for an SUV that will benefit from the latest iteration of GM’s adaptive suspension system as well as exterior and interior improvements that will drive home the V’s intent of being the performance-focused model of the family.

We also hope to find out more about availability, especially if the V will be a mass-produced Escalade trim, or if Cadillac will make the Escalade V a rare beast with a limited production run.