Updated with Tech Video – Audi Prologue Hybrid Piloted Drive to Vegas

We were active haters of the Prologue concept when it was revealed for Los Angeles in late November. The low and clean style of the future A8 this car previews is growing better with time, but still seems a bit dull.

The change of color to a dark grey with new five-spoke alloys are a huge improvement. They let the design breathe and feel a bit more interesting, with the lower bodywork and sill extensions coming to life in ways they didn’t in silver.

The concave rear glass is still bizarre, and the nose and tail detailing still seem awkward. But overall, the latest Prologue trim change helps car feel lower and more expensive than the original silver car.

The real beauty of the new Audi aesthetic is inside the cabins. The Prologue is wonderfully relaxed but lux inside, with the ultra-low and simplified dashboard a wonderful counterpoint to the tall button-fests inside BMW, Mercedes and Porsche cabins these days.

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