Future VW USA SUV Roadmap Projects 15 Variants by 2021


The new Tiguan is a great shining hope for VW lately, and they could use a win.  Here is the loaded Euro-spec model in its first photoset.  Around Berlin and a fun off-road park, the next-generation model is defined by much greater scale all around.  Wider and much longer, with the roof looking quite chic and low.  The new Tiguan’s style is also a close preview of its larger, US-made CrossBlue.  The CrossBlue is set for launch as a seven-seater, with a fastback 5-seat model likely for 2019.

The Tiguan as we see here will spawn a few variants itself: a LWB option with a mini third row of seats, and perhaps a sportier Coupe model down the road as well.

Arrival orders to the USA for all these are not yet confirmed. We hope the new Tiguan could be here by around September of 2016 as a 2017 model-year, but this timetable is much faster than VW has achieved to date.  Realistically, a January 2017 arrival for this new Tiguan and the CrossBlue to US showrooms seems like the safer bet.

It will be a steep climb back to greatness for the VW brand, but they will get there over time.  Pricing for the CrossBlue large SUV is likely to start from about $39,000, while this Tiguan should base from near its current pricing of about $28k to start.  There will be price overlap among the models, with the Alltrack Golf SportWagen starting the AWD VW blitz for USA customers from Summer 2016 as a 2017 model-year.

Check out the full preview of the Tiguan upgrades to R-Spec and Tiguan GTE via this article.  


Future VW USA SUV Roadmap Projects 15 Variants by 2021


Revised Timetable 2016-04-05_164737 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept 4 Volkswagen Tiguan 26

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2017 Volkswagen TIGUAN (Euro-Spec)