Aston Martin Teases Vantage V12, Is It The Final Swan Song For The Twelve-Cylinder?

Ever since the current generation Aston Martin Vantage made its way into dealerships a few years ago, rumors have swirled about whether it will once again receive a V12 engine. Aston Martin denied the rumors at first claiming that it wouldn’t fit (we didn’t believe them) and it appears that our suspicions were proven correct, with the British sports car maker revealing that it will indeed be putting a V12 into the new Vantage, but it appears that it will be the last time the Vantage will be paired with it.   Cryptic Teaser Video Points To Swan Song The …

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Aston Martin Unveils Sleek 2019 DBS Superleggera

When it comes to defining the ultimate production Aston Martin, the DBS nameplate has always played a key role in distinguishing these special cars from the rest of the fold. The DBS moniker also means more performance, which is whats exactly in store for the newest chapter of DBS. Dubbed the DBS Superleggera, this DB11 based monster replaces the old Vanquish S and also resurrects the “Superleggera” moniker which has not been seen on a production Aston Martin for several decades. Aston Martin stylists added a larger hexagonal shaped front grille, as well as a tweaked lower bumper which is …

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Aston Martin Unveils VALKYRIE, Rapide AMR and Vantage AMR Pro [Video + 60 Pics]

When Aston Martin first unveiled its new hypercar to the world, we were big fans of nearly everything about it. From the slick styling to the promise of impressive performance numbers, everything seemed to align perfectly. That is, except the AM-RB 001 moniker which was reminiscent of a typical part code at your local Autozone store. Thankfully, Aston Martin has rectified this error with an all new moniker. Dubbed “Valkyrie,” this beast was created in a joint effort between Aston Martin and Red Bull with the Valkyrie showcasing Red Bull’s advanced vehicle technologies, as well as subtly previewing a new …

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