2022 Hyundai Kona N Pricing Announced, Will Start At $36,650

Hyundai promised to keep the upcoming Kona N a juicy value-focused play for CUV buyers looking to add some track-ready capability to their daily commute. We have learned other details surrounding the Kona N but pricing remained an elusive slice of information, until now. Hyundai confirmed final pricing for the 2022 Kona N and it appears that they have kept their promise.


Kona N Firmly In $30,000 Range, Will Be Unique CUV Offering

A big selling point of any Kona is the combination of value and features that come packed into it. It appears that the N model follows this philosophy to the letter. While the $36,650 sticker (including the $1,225 destination fee) may seem a bit high at first glance look past it and it appears that Hyundai is indeed making the Kona N a fully loaded option with the CUV arriving with every conceivable option that can be crammed into it.

As for how it stands when compared to the Veloster N, the Kona is only $1,625 more but that small jump is a tolerable price to pay since the Kona is the one to go for if you have a growing family and you need a track infused ride that can haul the kids when your not shredding through corners. The lone omission is a manual transmission with all Kona N models being equipped with the all-new eight-speed DCT (versus the manual gearbox you can find on the Veloster version.


What Could Possibly Compete With It?

For the moment, the 2022 Kona N is a unique breed in the CUV market. None of its traditional rivals are in the performance side of its segment with Chevrolet. Toyota, Honda, and even Ford being absent. The main reason is that there’s simply no business sense in offering a performance CUV with the bulk of the companies mentioned preferring to target other parameters in their attempt to woo buyers to utilities.  

It would seem that this flavor of Kona (for now) will be competing against some of the same rivals that dog the Veloster N which means names such as the Volkswagen GTI and the Honda Civic Type R. While the possibility of the Kona N cannibalizing sales from the Veloster is an understandable risk, it also shows Hyundai’s willingness to take risks and company reps we spoke with are confident that the Kona N can deliver in its promises. That will be key since the N brand is growing with the addition of the recently unveiled Elantra N.