Honda Shows Off Production 2022 Honda Civic, Has Accord Inspiration

Honda first revealed the 2022 Civic prototype to the world late in 2020 when the company revealed it via virtual event during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, the Civic has flown under the radar, but the company has recently unveiled a new teaser image of the 2022 Honda Civic, which is scheduled to make its global debut on April 28th.


More To Come

For now, Honda is limiting our view of the 2022 Civic to one lone image, which gives us our first glimpse of the Civic’s new front fascia. The look here is virtually identical to the Civic prototype’s, albeit with the removal of some of its more show car-focused adornments. For example, the black accent trim is gone, but Honda designers have added functional fog lights and have moved some of the matte black accents to the upper and lower grille pieces. The model featured here is a Touring model, and like those, the mirrors are body-colored. This means that the black caps on the show car have been deleted. However, they could still appear on either the Civic Si or the range-topping Type R. There are some references to the larger Accord, but we get to wait until the unveiling to see how much of its influence is present in the Civic.

Other details that peek out include a sunroof as well as front parking sensors. Honda Reps we spoke to during the original show car’s debut revealed that the Prototype Civic did not have the rear parking sensors in as a stylistic nod to design. However, look for Honda to heavily leverage standard equipment for the Civic Touring and the rear sensors’ addition to enhance the company’s already potent arsenal of standard equipment. One other minor change is that the show car’s all-black wheels have also been axed and the Touring model shown in the image comes equipped with a two-tone set of hoops. As mentioned prior, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the sleek wheels are permanently gone and could be saved for wilder versions of the Civic.


When Will We See The 2022 Honda Civic?

Honda’s brief teaser also revealed that we get to wait a bit longer to see the 2022 Civic, with the Japanese auto giant taking the covers off on April 28th. Look for Honda to focus the spotlight on the standard lineup with the Si and the Type R being saved as tasty surprises later. After its time in the spotlight, the 2022 Civic will arrive in U.S. showrooms this summer. Buyers will also notice a degree of simplicity when it does arrive, with the sedan and the hatchback being the lone examples of the model for 2022 (the coupe was axed a short while back.) 

While we have to wait a bit longer for all the figurative pieces to fall into place, the 2022 Honda Civic is shaping up to be a much-improved model. The styling is cleaner and is not as cluttered and disjointed as the outgoing Civic. A richer list of standard equipment is also coming, and that should please consumers and Civic fans looking to retain the car’s strong value for the dollar quotient.