Insider: A Look at How Technology Has Changed the Driving (and Passenger) Experience

The automotive industry has always been driven by technological advancements – no pun intended. Some could even say that it was one of the major catalysts for the industrial revolution. Carmakers are being pushed by market pressures to constantly improve the efficiency of their vehicles, but they’re also always competing against themselves to bring that brand-new feature to their customers. It’s easy for us to take those advances for granted, but they’ve profoundly changed what it feels like to drive and ride a vehicle. Let’s take a closer look at how technology changed the driving and passenger experience over the last few years.

Driving is Safer

Fatal accidents on US roads have been on a steady decline from 2017 to 2019 and you can rest assured that advances in security technology had something to do with it. Collision avoidance systems have done a great deal to reduce fatal crashes. Blind spots used to be one of the major causes of collisions, but the effect of these has been severely reduced by things such as lane change sensors, among others. Not to mention all the cameras that give the driver a 360-degree view of the vehicle’s surroundings. These, coupled with sensors, have helped reduce the number of tragic driveway accidents in the country, and they could soon become a thing of the past because of them.

Driving is More Fun

Technology has also made driving and riding a vehicle much more fun. Infotainment systems are now the norm when they used to be a luxury. Long trips don’t have to be as difficult and everyone can drift into their little world without affecting the person next to them. Whether you want to watch Netflix or play your favorite online slot machines, you can do it. Speaking of which, some sites are more mobile-friendly than others and might be a better option if you love playing while riding. If you want a great example of one, we suggest you click here.

Driving is More Forgiving

Another thing that greatly enhances the driving experience is how forgiving new vehicles are for new drivers, even older ones. Many of us drivers had to learn how to parallel park the hard way. Now there’s no way to tell who’s good or terrible at it with all the automatic parking and driving options available. This is another feature that used to be a luxury, but we can expect to see it in more vehicles in the future.

Another major advance that we often take for granted is anti-lock brake systems. These are the norm now, but this wasn’t always the case. These systems use technology to prevent wheels from locking when braking in difficult road conditions. It has been shown that ABS brakes alone can reduce overall crash involvement rates by as much as 6%, which is rather impressive.

As you can see, the driving and passenger experience has been profoundly transformed by technology. It has made our vehicles safe and more efficient, and this is only a glimpse of things to come.



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