Viva italia, new instagram rendering slips off the track suit and reveals the inner beauty of Essenza SCV12 Speedster

We’ll admit that we were very excited when a lone image of a mysterious Lamborghini prototype was unleashed onto the internet by Lamborghini Squadra Corsa (Lamborghini’s racing arm.) The mysterious car looked like a stylish and sensuous update of the Essenza SCV12, and it appeared to even embrace a speedster layout. But there’s one key problem, only one image exists, and while it’s nice seeing the mysterious speedster in profile proudly wearing its vivid orange wrap like an 80s track suit, we prefer having face to face introductions when meeting someone or something new. Thankfully, Instagram artist FutureCarsNow has stepped …

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McLaren Unveils All New 2020 GT, Rewrites The Rules For Grand Touring Car Segment [Video]

When we last met McLaren’s prior attempt at creating a proper GT car, it was in 2017 when we reviewed the 570GT. The 570GT had cushy carpet, supple leather seats, and a set of novel luggage for its trunk. But it was no secret that this particular model was still a track focused offering, and as a result, it flunked some basic GT car ettiquete to achieve that track oriented balance. McLaren was eager to right this wrong, and has unveiled its second attempt at the GT segment, the 2020 McLaren GT. McLaren claims that the GT (despite its rather …

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