MANSORY Ferrari F12 Revoluzione and Stallone Packs Offer Timely Hypercar Refresh

The moment a hotter variant of your supercar arrives on sale, a bit of the excitement in the car dims.

No matter how stunning and life-changing the ride, once its facelift is on the scene, you might be second best.

And so it goes with the new Ferrari F12TdF wearing new panels throughout.

There is an upside: it is an opportune time to go wild with aftermarket upgrades.

MANSORY does it better than almost anyone, and their F12 packages are suitably unique and gorgeous.

Three levels of kit are packaged and branded together, but all the upgrades are available individually, customized, and made in any carbon fiber pattern you choose.

F12 starts with wheels, cabin, spoilers, stance and powerkit.

Stallone is the one we love best: a nearly all-new nose and tail with wild, exaggerated airfoils unlike any Ferrari anyone will have ever seen before. Or since.

La Revoluzione is the top model, with a full carbon-fiber reskin and redesign. A bit much to our eyes, even though that fixed rear wing is hottt.

Check out the goods below.

MANSORY Ferrari F12

MANSORY Ferrari F12 Stallone




There is no doubt about the revolutionary effect of this project; Ferrari is as synonymous with sportscars as no other make, both on and off the track. Now MANSORY has toppled the Italian from its throne and torn up the existing conditions rulebook.

The manufacturer was not content with a patchwork approach, they didn’t even try to optimize the aerodynamics of the F12, but completely stripped down the car and developed a completely new skin.

The choice of the material should not come as a surprise to anyone: carbon fibre combines strength and lowest mass like no other material. MANSORY recognized this much earlier than many others on the market and over the years has developed an outstanding expertise. In inhouse autoclaves MANSORY does not entrust development nor production to a supplier.

So this is how a vehicle shell emerged that is not equaled by any other super sports car. The self-confidently designed front with the inverse formula one nose, the wide variety of inlets and outlets of the air guidance system for engine supply and cooling of the braking system and the striking rear end with the double-walled exhaust tailpipes on both sides are just some aspects of a consistently exciting bodywork design.


The exclusive MANSORY aerodynamics programme sets trends in quality and design. On the one hand, the chassis components made of autoclav-prepreg carbon perfectly integrate into the original design, but also set significant dynamic trends without being too obtrusive. The front- and rear apron form a unit with the side skirts and do not only demonstrate optical finesse. At the same time, the mounted parts optimize the air flow over the car silhouette which leads to a positive effect when handling the automobile.

MANSORY Ferrari F12 Revoluzione


The MANSORY interior programme

If you want it more individual MANSORY will leave nothing to the interior imagination, you can choose from the finest materials. As a matter of course beside steering wheel, carbon fibre trim equipment up to the smallest details like the 3-part set of aluminum pedals or the set of logo-stitched floormats.


The MANSORY wheel collection

The newly developed light-alloy rims represent a perfect finish. They are not only elegantly designed, but also fulfil their purpose from the sporting and technical point of view. In order to take the performance of the F12 into account, the company developed especially light forged wheels in 21 (front axle) or 22 (rear axle) sizes. The use of ultra-light aluminum alloys and the resulting reduction of the unsprung mass, has significantly improved the acceleration, the braking distance, and the handling. High-performance 255/30/21 front and 335/25/22 rear tyres are fitted.


The MANSORY performance programme

MANSORY has given special attention to the performance optimization, which provides the car from Maranello even more handling and acceleration in all performance classes. The MANSORY technicians are responsible for the newly developed engine components. The power kit consists of a modified ECU together with a sports exhaust system. This increases the performance of the 6.0 litre twelve-cylinder engine from 740 to 775 hp (570kW). The torque lies at an additional 35 Nm (Series: 690 Nm). The stainless steel sports muffler with its impressive sound underlines the sporty appearance of the Ferrari F12.