Auto Industry Insider: Should You Ceramic Coat Your Car?

Ceramic coating is a form of paintwork protection that is increasingly being used in the automotive industry. More and more drivers, whether casual consumers or professional drivers, are deciding to coat their vehicles in ceramic material for a better aesthetic finish and improved longevity of their car’s bodywork.

This article will explain what ceramic coating is, the key benefits for its use, and how it is applied to vehicles.

The Benefits of Ceramic Coating

If you’ve never heard of ceramic coating before, it’s understandable that you may be a bit lost as to what it is and how it’s used in the automotive industry. In simplest terms, ceramic coating is an added protection to your vehicle’s bodywork and shares many of the same purposes as wax. It is a synthetic paint protection product made up of ceramic nanoparticles.

So why might you want to apply ceramic coating to your car? There are several benefits that make this type of coating one of the best and most premium forms of pain protection. By adding ceramic coating, your car’s bodywork will benefit from an additional layer of protection against environment contaminates. It offers long-term protection, especially when compared to wax, and even enhances the gloss of the bodywork.

Applying ceramic coating makes it far easier to clean and maintain a vehicle.

Water slides off easily and mud and dirt are less likely to bond to the paintwork. It also provides protection against chemical stains, etching and the sun’s ultraviolet rays. In the long-term, there’s also the possible benefit of your car increasing in value. While your car isn’t completely invincible (it will still get dirty!), ultimately ceramic coating provides the vehicle with added gloss, easier maintenance and helps to keep it clean.

The process for applying ceramic coating can depend on your vehicle and the type of product. For instance, there is consumer-grade coating and professional-grade. While consumer products are easier to apply, they don’t last as long as professional-grade coating. Professional-grade ceramic coating may also require specialist equipment for proper application. Regardless of how the coating is applied and the type of product used, infrared curing is often used during the process. This type of technology is useful for curing the coating as quickly as possible. Infrared allows businesses to be efficient in their work and ultimately increases productivity levels and revenue.

This article has been provided by Infratech Automotive Solutions, a provider of efficient and high-quality infrared paint curing lamps.


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