Cars of Our Lives – Levante S, M235i Cabrio, 550i Shadowline, 740i, X1, 320i and 440 Gran Coupe


A bevy of fine-driving BMWs to share in this first-ever installment of a ‘daily gallery’ feature post.  We share MANY more photos on social media than often end up in articles here on the web.  The problem with that is the quality of the pics is greatly decreased.  An image that might be 5MB on phone is about 80kb on or instagram/car_revs_daily

On with the show!  100 or so pics from the last two weeks on my iPhone.  Cars we drove only every-so-briefly…. or not at all in some cases!  The Maserati Levante and upgraded Chevy SS have remained off-limits.  But still fun to find in the wild.

Favorites among the BMWs so far?  Surely the i8!!!  Not photographed at all yet.  Soon.

Second place?  The 550i is bad-ass gangster and faster than all holy hell.  So nice.

New 740i also heavenly.

No M3/M4 seat time yet, but watch this space..

…These… are the Cars of Our Lives

440 Gran Coupe

2017 Chevy SS

2017 Maserati Levante S

2016 M235i Cabrio

2016 550i Shadowline

2016 BMW 740i

2016 BMW 320i

2016 BMW X1