Insider: 5 Essential Tips for Learner Drivers

Finally learning to drive is something many teens look forward to. It gives you the freedom to go places without having to rely on your parents or older siblings to drive you there. However, you must be a good driver to enjoy that freedom, and part of becoming a good driver involves proper learning. This article highlights some essential tips for learner drivers.

Get the Best Instructor

The first step is to ensure that you have the best instructor. Go for an instructor who is approved and reliable. Ask for recommendations from other new drivers when looking for a driving school. You can also search for reputable driving schools online. Other than checking their qualifications, get an instructor you are comfortable with – someone you can easily ask questions when you don’t understand. For the cost, you could note down a few reputable instructors and then compare their charges.

Learn Something by Yourself

Your instructor will teach you a lot, but you will learn more and also faster if you do some research on your own as well. Look for valuable information on the internet and driving books. You can also learn by asking tips from other drivers.

Be Sober During Lessons

Don’t make the mistake of showing up for lessons when you are sleepy, hungry, tired, drunk or feeling distracted. Get enough rest and eat well before you go on the road. You should do the same once you are a driver. Never go to the road when you are not feeling sober, as this increases your risks of getting into an accident. Drunk driving is an offense for which you can be fined, imprisoned and banned from driving.

Do Your Best to Avoid Mistakes

Listening carefully to your instructor and asking for clarification is the best way to avoid mistakes. If you are not sure of something, always ask. If you keep asking and learning, you are less likely to make mistakes during the test.

Practice with Your Car

To perfect your skills, make sure you practice with your car. If you don’t have one, you can ask to borrow one from your parents or friends. Don’t forget to take out learner driver insurance. If you are using your parent’s or friend’s car, check whether their policy has coverage for learner drivers. The supervising driver you take for your practise must be over 21, have had a driving license for over three years and should know how to drive the vehicle you are using. You can be fined if you don’t have the right supervisor, and some insurance companies have requirements for your supervisor, so ensure you check that too. And, don’t forget the learner plates for your car.

Once you are done with the learning and have passed your tests, keep the tips you learnt at your fingertips and make sure to regularly refresh your driving knowledge. Don’t relax after the tests. Passing is important, but remember that you went through the training process to become a good, responsible driver.