Insider: From One Generation of Drivers to the Next

You remember your younger days, where you were just so excited to start driving.

You’d be walking around, perhaps driving around with your parents, and calculating how many years and days you had left until it would finally be you behind the wheel.

The idea of it just seemed to cool and appealing, and it definitely wasn’t all it lived up to be. When you think about driving, you think about road trips with friends, fast cars, smooth drives, and just an easy driving life. But the harsh reality of it is, you spend most of your time running to the shops, or driving to work and getting stuck in traffic. Driving is just not what it used to be when we were growing up, and it only seems to be changing. The only thing that seems to be changing for the better, is the cars that manufacturers are producing now.

The technology that has been created to facilitate car builds, as well as the knowledge of how to make cars faster and more economical, means there’s never been a better time to be behind the wheel of a car in terms of how it looks. But to be behind the wheel of a car in general is definitely changing, and from one generation to another, we need to pass down some knowledge. So here’s what we think the next generation of drivers has in store for them, and how you can ensure they’re having the best driving experience possible.

The Future Of Cars

The future of cars is definitely one of the best things that we as a generation are passing down to the next. Even though the average Joe is going to have no real part in the production of the cars, we influence what’s happening to them. Car manufacturers look at what drivers are commenting on, and what the world is demanding, and work on that. So at the minute, the world is demanding a more economical car to not only do more for the planet, but to help our pockets out too.

There’s going to be a section later about how expensive driving seems to be becoming lately, and part of that is down to the fuel and the tax that we have to pay on certain cars. But at the same time, people don’t want a boring car that barely picks up any speed, and looks pretty average. Due to some models leading the way, there’s now more of a demand for a quicker car that looks super snazzy as well, and the world is listening.

You’ve got hybrid cars being produced by the likes of Honda, that implement style and economy perfectly, whilst still focusing on that all important speed. So if there’s one thing we think this generation is going to pass down, it’s cars that are truly going to define the auto world, as well as helping our planet become greener by the decade. Judging by the mass melting of ice in Greenland recently, the race to do so is stepping up.

The Growing Driving Dangers

Now this is a pretty harsh reality that we’re going to pass down. Back in the day, there weren’t not nearly as many crashes as there are today, and that’s simply because the roads are so congested, and they’re congested full of dangerous drivers. It now seems like the going thing to do for drivers to race around, spend half of the time on their phones, and just be ignorant to the dangers on the road. But then a tragic accident will happen, and people will pay attention for maybe a week or two, before they slip right into bad habits.

But this is the generation we’re raising. You’ll often find that it’s young drivers, or people who are immature despite age, who are causing the most issues. People just don’t realize the damaging effects of simply reading one text, even if you don’t actually turn your phone on.

Or going ten miles an hour over the speed limit, just to get somewhere two minutes quicker. If there’s one message we need to pass down to the next generation, it’s that families are being wiped out, or torn apart, through tragedies in the road that could have been avoided.

Although it might be tempting to do all of the negative behaviors of driving, simply driving following the rules will save lives, if not their own. So if you have someone in your family who has just passed their test, or perhaps working their way towards it, really try and drill in the dangers to them, so that hopefully they don’t become the danger themselves. Making sure that you’re also setting that example for them is really important. They’ll pick up on the habits that you have, and it’s so easy for them to make it their own as well! So keep to the laws of the road, and keep everyone safe!

Passing The All Important Test

If you think back to when you passed your test, even if that was only a few years ago, times have already changed. The precision of driving is now much higher, meaning it’s so much harder for students to pass their driving test. But it’s the taste of freedom that they’re all desperate for, so making sure that they go to an excellent driving school is essential. There are some driving schools that are absolutely useless, and make the lessons so hard so that the students have to keep going, meaning the schools pocket is filling up.

You want to go with one that’s going to facilitate the learning speed of your child, or the person you know, because there’s nothing worse than feeling pressured or stressed when learning to drive. If it is your child that’s learning to drive, you could also think about taking them out in your car to get some practice. Just a quiet road will do, just to get into that little bit extra so that hopefully they pass sooner. Don’t do it without putting them as a learner on your car either. So many parents and children get caught out just going for a little practice, but if they’re not insured, the law won’t let you off, no matter how quiet the place you were practicing was!

Getting The Dreaded Costs Down

This is something that you really want to try and focus on. Because when the future generation is the one that you’ve created, they’re more than likely going to lean on your bank to pay for it. They’ll be learning around school, which means they’ll only have a part time job to fund it. So you really want to make sure you can teach them they ways of getting the costs down.

Number one, is how much they’re actually driving the car. If your child is disappearing for hours each night, driving around with friends, then fuel consumption is going to be so high. But no doubt they never ask their friends for petrol money, only you. So, you could bring in a rule that you will fill up their tank enough for the essential driving for the week, and they have to put the rest. Maybe it’ll encourage them to ask the people they’re driving around to petrol money!

You also need to try and get them to stick towards cheaper, more economical cars throughout their life. Their first one will usually be guided by you, as it will most likely come out of your wallet.

But as they get older, they need to learn flashier is not better, it’s the running costs of the cars that count!


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