Comic Relief Time! 3-Part HD Video Review — Driving the Worst Car of the 21st Century — The 2003 Buick Century

Fatigued with Geneva hypercars yet? My hands and eyes are about to explode — so I think that is a yes for me. I have been typing since 4am today, so this might be it for a bit while I recharge my batteries.

Buick Centruy tom burkart gif

With the 2003 Century — these three videos confirmed a long-suspected fact: this Buick is named for ***last*** century versus this current one.

Here is a very humorous and adjective-laden assessment of the absolutely wretched 2003 Buick Century, shot on my snazzy new GoPro Hero3+ as I learn how to take some better, more watchable-quality content.

These videos are pretty funny. Big burnouts and panic braking in Part 3 shows the fear of God on my face!

These are things you can only say about a car that has left production. I explain this in the films, but essentially: trying to identify how General Motors went from this dangerous claptrap of a machine to the rigid and confident Lacrosse in just one generation of cars.

Buick Centruy tom burkart gif3

The answer seems to be: stop the big-company malaise and insular competitive benchmarking.

Buick Centruy tom burkart gif