Ford Releases Bronco Raptor And Everglades Pricing, Fun Comes At A Premium

Ford made waves when they not only released the performance-focused Bronco Raptor, but also the overlapping ready Bronco Everglades. Both of these models put a different spin on the Bronco ownership experience, and they also offer a different mixture of off-road focused content. The one thing they do have in common however is pricing, with both models requiring customers to pay a premium to partake in the fun. We’ll look at both models individually and see how much you have to pay to sign on the dotted line.


Bronco Raptor Starts At $68k, Is The Wild One In The Family

The 2022 Bronco Raptor is the second member of the Raptor off-road model family and while it will eventually be joined by the next-generation Ranger Raptor pickup, it will continue to be the smaller of the two Raptor models on sale at dealerships. A base Raptor will start at $68,500 but this comes before various fees as well as any markups dealers might try to stick on it due to COVID-related shortages as well as the increase in energy prices due to the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The Raptor comes with a proverbial buffet of optional extras but we have included some of the more popular ones in this handy chart below.


  • Raptor graphics package – $1,075
  • Interior Carbon Fiber Pack – $1,725
  • Cyber Orange Metallic Tri-Coat paint – $595
  • Code orange accent seat belts – $395
  • Leather-trimmed vinyl seats – $2,495
  • Lux package – $2,695
  • Off-road assistance kit – $210
  • Storage bags – $180
  • Wheel lock kit – $90
  • Engine block heater – $100
  • Keyless entry pad – $110

While some of the more trivial options like the wheel lock kit will be added by dealerships before the Raptor is even viewed by customers (a common practice among dealer traders and inventory managers) there are some options that buyers should seriously consider. The $2,695 Lux package for example is as the name implies, the option to choose if you want to add more creature comforts to the Bronco Raptor with the package adding items such as a Bang & Olufsen, adaptive cruise control, as well as other luxury-focused items. If you fully indulge in the options, the price will rise to just over $82,000 which is also before any outside charges are factored in.


Bronco Everglades Shows Off Its Swamp ready Character, Starts At $54k

Unlike the Raptor which is happy blasting through sandy dunes at high speeds, the 2023 Bronco Everglades can be considered to be the more refined cruiser of the duo which prefers to confidently cruise its way through mud, water and muck. The Everglades will start at $53,000 and in some regards can be considered an interesting alternative to the Raptor especially since it’s meant for terrain that will be encountered by a wider range of off-road buyers. The options here are not quite as extensive as the Raptor, but they still do their part to make this trim a unique offering and like before we have listed a few of them below.

  • Desert Sand Paint – $295
  • Removable hoop steps – $600
  • Slide-out tailgate – $600
  • Storage Bags – $180
  • Keyless Entry pad  – $110

Prepare For A Long Wait

Ford has promised in the past that it’s doing everything it can to make sure that Bronco reservation holders will get their ride, but logistics (much of it beyond Ford’s control) have conspired together to help slow down the rollout of the Ford Bronco with holding lots here in Metro Detroit still full of Broncos waiting for microchips to be installed.

When the Raptor and the Everglades appeared, Ford revealed that reservation holders who are still in line will be able to switch their model out with either a Raptor or an Everglades. However, they will have to act quickly if they want to get a Raptor, Ford will be closing the order books for 2022 models soon, and some dealerships that we spoke with in the Metro Detroit area are encouraging buyers to get their reservations in as quickly as possible before that happens.