Ford Confirms Rumored Bronco Raptor Model, Will Appear In 2022

We should’ve known that Ford would have a huge surprise in its bag of tricks when we listened eagerly to the brand’s announcement of the 2022 Expedition lineup. What seemed like the typical conclusion of a press conference diverted in an exciting direction when Ford reps revealed that not only is the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor a production reality. But that we wouldn’t have to wait very long for it either, with the beefed-up Bronco expected to make its appearance sometime in 2022.

Brief Teaser Provides A Literal Glimpse Of The Bronco Raptor And Not Much Else

While our glimpse of the Bronco Raptor was very brief, we have been able to peel away some of the mystery based on the little scraps of detail that pop their way to the service. The tiny slice of the front fascia we were able to see has the same Raptor-specific front grille that has come to define other Raptor badged models. The headlights also appear to be shared with other Bronco’s, but yellow driving lights and exaggerated wheel flares hint at upgraded rubber, and the wider stance needed to accommodate those tires and other unnamed off-road upgrades.

The rest of the teaser focuses on a brief run through the desert before the Raptor logo dramatically brings the whole scene to a close. As mentioned, this small glimpse does not tell us very much about the Bronco Raptor. Still, recent leaks before today’s announcement suggest that the Bronco Raptor will only appear as a four-door offering with an optional package that tacks on more convenience features to what’s already a fundamentally simple off-roading platform.