Design Analysis – 2018 BMW M8 Concept GranCoupe – Goodwood FoS 2018

BMW needs some new halo vehicles at the top of its lineup.  Both to compete with the rockstar AMG GT as well as subdue all the M-car loyalists who despise the i8.

The new 8 series serves that purpose nicely. And before it has even arrived — we have a new variant with totally unique styling and details.

Oh, and two extra doors.  The M8 GranCoupe concept tries to keep the Mustang-like raciness of the 850’s roofline while squeezing in two seats back there.  Headroom!?  Who cares!

How is this different than the current M6 GC, you ask?

Scale. This M8 GC is enormous.  Think Rolls-Royce proportions.

The M8 GC also nicely teases the next generation of BMW M car designs.  We’d bet a good chunk of cash that the 2020 M4 will share this face and hopefully its giant, wrap-around ducktail rear spoiler!!

There are interesting details in this design that are not present in the too-blobby 2018 M5: the carved, concave doors are expressive and chic.  The wild chin extension flows into a hidden air inlet at the outer edges of the lower bumper. And then out back we have some nice flow-through breather vents for the rear fenders.

Is the green and bronze with yellow LeMans headlights a bullseye in terms of style.  Lord no it is not.

But a million miles from the i8 — BMW’s biggest flop since the M1?

Yes, this M8 four-door will do nicely.


2018 BMW M8 Concept Gran Coupe – Goodwood FoS 2018 Gallery