Jannarelly to Climb Pike’s Peak

Photos by Rob Overy

The Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb Race has been held every year since 1916.  The 12.42-mile track has elevation grades that average 7.2 percent and takes place on a fully paved track. On average there are 130 racers in cars, trucks motorcycles and quads – and a fantastic new racer is entering the game this year – Jannarelly, the maker of hand-built sports cars with a 60s throwback feel. The manufacturer is entering the race for the first time this year with its new Design 1 which has been designated the ‘anti-hypercar’.

The Competitor

Jannarelly is the first car manufacturer that calls the United Arab Emirates home and will be the first AE manufacturer to enter the Pike’s Peak climb. The car itself has a design inspired by the sports cars of the 1960s and is one of the lightest cars on the track, weighing in at just shy of 1800 pounds. Don’t let its slight frame fool you though– the engine is packing 380 horsepower and is low enough to the ground that the twisty roads that make up the Pike’s Peak track don’t present a challenge.

This year marks the 102nd anniversary of the Pike’s Peak climb, the 2nd oldest motorsport event in the country. Hundreds of drivers from around the world will take to the track on June 24, 2018 to test their mettle against the elements and other skilled drivers.  The oldest car on the track this year will be “The Ghost” – a 1936 Chevy Sedan!

The Car

The Design 1 is the car that is being entered into the race isn’t quite the multi-million-dollar hypercar that Jannarelly is known for building. It will still be difficult to get your hands on one, but it won’t be because of the price.  The base version of the Design 1 will only cost you $99,000.  Its exclusivity isn’t because of an exorbitant price but because it is part of a limited run.

It will be interesting to see how this anti-hypercar fares on the tricky track during the Pike’s Peak International Climb on June 24th.  Stay tuned!

Press Release Below

On June 24th the UAE’s first ever car manufacturer, Jannarelly, will also become the first
emirates-based enterprise to take part in the America’s second oldest motorsport event, at
the 102nd anniversary of Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado.

In a truly home-grown endeavour, a specially developed version of Jannarelly’s Design-1
sportscar will feature as the honoured ‘Official Safety Car’ (OSC); designed, developed and
operated by a team co-formed with the also Dubai-based, PureDrive Automotive, and
supported by the likes of Pirelli, Fyshe-Adidas Motorsport, Tag Heuer, Gran Tourismo and
CARS Automotive Relocation Services.

Speaking on the joint-venture, Jannarelly Co-Founder, Anthony Jannarelly, said: “Providing
the OSC through our partnership with PureDrive is a fantastic introduction to the racing
world. Pikes Peak is all about twisty roads and pure thrill, so this is the perfect playground to
enjoy the driving experience of our retro-futuristic Design-1. Our goal is to establish a long
relationship with PureDrive and PPIHC, learn this year, and start competing in 2019”.

At its heart, the Design-1 has much in common with PPIHC; wrapped within the 1960’s
inspired body is a raw and emotive spirit, honed by people of passion, to immerse it’s
subjects in truly unique experience. Packing +320BHP and weighing only 810KG in standard
guise, the car offers supercar bating performance whilst the absence of inhibiting electronic
aides allows the driver to retain a level of connection missing from the modern driving
experience. Jannarelly’s design philosophy also allows the car to be mechanically &
aesthetically tailored to the exacting requirements of each individual client.

From the outset, Anthony was adamant that the Design-1’s exclusivity should only be
reflected in it’s strictly limited production numbers, not the price. The result is that an
example can be yours for only US$90,000/£67,000 in base spec! Currently, it is still possible
to reserve one of the 30 ‘Launch Edition’ vehicles; fans of PPIHC may be more interested
however in the ‘Pikes Peak Edition’, limited to just 10 examples for 2018 and co-developed
by PureDrive Automotive. This Special Edition vehicle will feature upgrades such as Ohlins
suspension, carbon fibre aero pack and sports exhaust to name a few.

Theodore Measures, Director of PureDrive Automotive, echoed Anthony’s passion for this
project, stating, “For our team, this represents an exciting opportunity to deploy a diverse
range of skills, knowledge, experience and contacts assembled through provision of both
our industry-facing consultancy services and public-facing luxury rental, driving tours and