Industry Insider: Social Events To Showcase Your Showroom

If you’ve got some cars in the showroom you want to show off to prospective buyers, or you’ve got some that need a little push towards being sold, then you should consider holding an event to get people onto your site to fully appreciate the cars you have to sell.

Since there’s no better way to sell than face-to-face, it’s about time you took out the polish and the chamois cloth and cleaned up your garage and your best little numbers. In order to host a good and hopefully lucrative event, you’ll want to learn how best to get buyers involved, get them happy and feeling like loosening the purse strings.


Advertising is going to do the hard work for you, you just need to create a hype about the event over your social media platforms and know how to best market your event. You can use appropriate hashtags and keywords to garner attention from those online. If you’re selling some of your stock at a reduced price at the event, then some catchy marketing detailing such will ensure that there are interest and intrigue regarding the event.

Maximize the chances of your event becoming popular and email all of your existing customers with an invitation to the event, and personalize the email heading if you have time. Personal touches make all the difference in making a customer feel valued and appreciated.  Simple word-of-mouth is a tool you cannot overlook when organizing this event, so capitalize on the simplicity of using signage and create flyers using an online flyer maker.


You need to create visually appealing invitations. There are many online templates and formatting you can use and tweak to suit your needs, so employ some of your time in designing an attractive invitation and send them out to some individuals you think will join you in the event.

Perhaps these would be best given to some of your most loyal customers. Keep the design tasteful and don’t forget that this invitation will be communicating both yourself and your business so remember to spend some time designing it and ensuring it’s attractive and explains all that you want.

If you know someone with a sharp eye for detail and design, them have them oversee proceedings and let them have their say on the aesthetics.

Free Giveaways

Free giveaways are a surefire way to pique people’s interest; it’s as simple as that.

Consider holding a raffle at the event and divvy up some prizes that feature your business logo; you could have some keyrings made for the event and hand them out to a select number of winners. You could instead hold a quiz and have the winner receive a voucher for $250 off their purchase at your garage, for example.


Gifting experiences are much like giving away a tangible prize, however, by offering both you’ll appeal to more event-goers to whom a gift of a free t-shirt, pen or cap wouldn’t appeal.

Since in you’re in the car trade, you can use this to your advantage and ask around your friends in the business and enquire into using a drive or ride, in one of their sports cars as an experience to win.

This way, you’ll be boosting the business prospects of your friends, and not just your own.