David Brown Automotive Teases Speedback Silverstone Edition

It has been a while since we last heard from the folks at David Brown Automotive. The upstart British car company is best known for their hand crafted Speedback GT sports car, as well as the distinctively stylish Mini Remastered. The firm recently moved their headquarters to Silverstone, England and has chosen to celebrate the move with an all new limited edition Speedback GT.

Dubbed the “Speedback Silverstone Edition” David Brown Automotive claims that this new model will bring higher levels of performance and refinement to the Speedback range. As usual, David Brown reps were vague on the full extent of the model’s upgrades, but did reveal that the engine (most likely a tweaked version of the familiar 5.0 liter supercharged V8) will produce 600 horsepower, which is a sizable increase over the 510 horsepower wielded by the standard Speedback GT.

The exterior styling of the Speedback Silverstone Edition shares much of its styling inspiration with classic 1950 and 1960’s racing cars, as well as the classic aeronautical and motorsport heritage that defines the Silverstone area. The new model will also feature a healthy dose of exclusive badging and trim to make it standout more from its standard bretheren, which share their heritage with classic Aston Martin DB5s.

“The more detail we reveal, the more excited we are to be able to announce the new Speedback Silverstone Edition in full, stated David Brown company founder and CEO.

“We always had the ambition to deliver an even higher performance derivative of Speedback, so this is the realization of a core objective for us at David Brown Automotive. Speedback Silverstone Edition is the perfect platform for us to hone classically-inspired performance, as we give a nod to our brand’s Silverstone roots, whilst looking ahead to a future of British handcraftsmanship at our bespoke coachbuilding facility.”

Look for the retro styled interior to retain the same levels of opulence, comfort, and individuality that define the standard model, albeit with more performance oriented hardware to keep the company’s elite clientele firmly planted during spirited driving

Buyers in Europe looking to snag a Speedback Silverstone Edition will have to act quickly, David Brown Automotive is only producing 10 copies, with pricing expected to match the car’s bespoke nature.

David Brown will also be formally reveal the car at the Geneva Motor Show on March 6th, but buyers not willing to wait that long can take solace that more teaser images are in the pipeline, and the firm has even created a hashtag for social media dubbed #PrepareForTakeOff. Consider us intrigued and curious.