Morgan Confirms Plans For 50th Anniversary Plus 8 [Video]

With the venerable but aging 4.8 liter BMW sourced V8 reaching the end of the line with the current generation Aero 8, Morgan has revealed that it will be marking the engine’s departure in the Plus 8, with a limited run of 50th Anniversary models.

While the Plus 8 has largely existed behind the spotlight shone on the forementioned Aero, this special roadster was actually the first V8 powered model that the niche British sports car maker ever produced.

Originally revealed as a running prototype back in 1968, the car featured a Rover sourced V8, and sent power to the rear wheels through a Moss manual gearbox. The Plus 8 proved to be a hit with buyers, with Morgan producing over 6,000 copies before ending production in 2003. The Plus 8’s fanbase clamored for a revival, and Morgan eventually brought it back to life in 2012 with the BMW V8 and a lighter aluminium frame replacing the old wood based one.

The lighter frame and engine helped trim weight to 2,425 lbs, and allow the Plus 8 to scoot its way to a 4.5 second 0 to 60 time, and a top speed of 155 mph. Currently it’s unknown what will replace the BMW V8 in both the Plus 8 and the Aero, but a prime canidate is an iteration of Ford’s 5.0 liter V8. This theory does have some legs considering that Ford’s European arm already supplies the four cylinder engine for both the 4/4, and Plus 4, as well as the V6 for the 3.7 Roadster.


Fittingly, Morgan only intends to build 50 Anniversary Edition models before it ends production, and the company has released several initial teasers and a brief video ahead of its formal unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Look for more teasers (that feature the actual car) to emerge over the next few months.