2017 Renault SYMBIOZ Concept Car (and House!) – Holistic 2030 Nature-Mobile

You know we love a good Renault concept around here.  They generally present a future design language on a wild, unrealistic bodystyle.

But the advent of electric cars can be really freeing.  SYMBIOZ envisions a car that perfectly fits into its environment and makes a showpiece of everything that passes by these glass windows and roof.  The flatpack battery is Tesla-style and lets the front end be cut to nothing, the overall height radically low and the width stretched to the extreme.  Advanced ultra-strong materials mean SYMBIOZ can pass crash tests even without typical crumple zones.  And with all the self-driving safety tech, blind spots are not a worry.  Why not block out that angle with a chunky D-pillar as the only roof section that is not clear.  The rest of the machine is open and one with the sight of nature, if not the wind.  The appearance of a chop-top cabrio from the side is deceptive — this machine has a roof.

But it is rounded like a fishtank and nearly unobstructed on all sides.  This takes that spectacular view inside some Tesla’s with the jumbo windshields — and removes the roof pillars too.

SYMBIOZ aims to be symbiotic with nature.  Renault created a concept house  to go along with its concept car.  With a brushed copper accent for the circular indoor carport and slatted light-colored woods and materials, the house is a perfect … ahem.. home.. for the Symbioz.

Its design looks slightly aloof and luxurious overall from the nose, but the slinky proportions and sexy tail make up for the clowny face.  Favorite detail must be the clear polycarbonate horizontal stabilizer (shark wing) on the back.  This is lit on braking to form the center stop lamp only visible from behind.  A spike in the rear diffuser down below continues the vertical line of brake lights elegantly.  Check out the video and 50 pics for an immersion into tranquil motoring.

2017 Renault SYMBIOZ Concept