Best of Paris 2016 – Renault TREZOR Concept in 66 Photos + Video

The most breathtaking silhouette of the year?

With a one-piece front clamshell door rising proudly to greet you?  Its unique and ultra-flowing fades versus firm, artless lines.

The Trezor concept is a car whose beauty makes one sit down, suddenly weak in the knees.

Luckily for us, this vehicle will be the guiding light in next-gen Renault designs.  Which are a bit in need of passion these days.



Concept Car Embodies French Design and Easy Life

The TREZOR marks the beginning of a new cycle of development that explores design language and technologies for Renault’s upcoming models. The warm styling and comfort-focused features embody both a vision of future mobility and the vibrant passion that is associated with the automobile. The style is warm and sensual, with red as the predominant colour, and an accent on high-quality materials, including wood and leather, a blend of craftsmanship, technology and a truly French design touch. The cockpit offers a foreshadowing of the sleeker, increasingly refined interiors of future models.

Renault TREZOR Concept

Making life easier are features like the latest ultra high-definition screens, smartphone recognition and connectivity, and personalizable touch-screen interfaces.

The TREZOR offers a choice of three driving modes: neutral, sport and autonomous. The autonomous driving mode can be activated using the MULTI-SENSE menu.

The TREZOR all-electric GT concept-car transfers track-to-road learnings from Renault e.dams two-time Formula E champion and focuses on performance, mainly the ability to provide acceleration from standstill to 100kph in less than four seconds.

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