Concept Flashback – 2006 Renault Nepta

You can always count on the French manufacturers to bring some real concept heat.  Perhaps it is the rotation between Frankfurt and Paris.  Whenever it is back in Paris, the brands really go all-out to pack the house.

These concepts generally run the gamut of production-unlikliness.  From never-ever to never in a million years.

So with no limits but the need to define a next-gen surface language and design theme, what kind of car would you use?  A grand cabriolet, of course!

Four giant seats but just two butterfly doors.  These bring the entire bodyside up from central hinges on both sides.  Perhaps more like an ladybug’s wings?

This nose made it to production nearly intact.  Though hopelessly dated and unfashionable now, the ideas were fresh then.  One thing that has made production are the indirect-fire LED headlamps.  The kind that have no projector lenses are on the Lincoln MKX, Jag XF and Tesla S in 2017.

The flowing, long-wheelbase look of this Nepta concept wears exaggerated overhangs at both ends.  Impossibly short at the front end, and 1950s-long on the back end.  Seriously, this machine has some serious length behind its rear axle!  To break up what is a gigantic trunk are vertical brakelights up the soft corner of the machine.  A look emulated by the current-gen Jaguar XJ among others.

A final touch for this Nepta?  The clear wind deflectors for both rows of seats!


2006 Renault Nepta