2017 BMW 540i M Sport – First Drive Review + 50-Photo Flyaround

We stopped flogging the 540i on its first drive only for a few moments.  A few fleeting flashbulb pops.

Then back on the road and back hard on throttle.

The new 5 series is an incredible machine and one that is New Game versus any one before.  More nimble, more feelsome and fast as f***!  But also serene and triple-rubber-damped.

The M Sport with Dynamic Handling Pack comes alive in Sport and Sport plus modes.  Here you have a true thhhummppp on the instant upshifts and pop on overrun.  Engine is ferocious and mad for horizons.

Traction actually seemed stellar in this wet first drive. Even as a rear-drive machine, the 540i with its new turbo six seems better able to plant power than previous 550i.  Yet it is now 550-fast.  This is the all-new generation of twin-power inline sixes.  Midrange urge is vastly improved as is the aural experience.

Steering feels live and feelsome, yet ultra insulated.  It is a hard contrast to describe.  Must be experienced.

If you imagine the new 7 series as a smaller sausage, however, the picture might become clear.

This is New Game BMW and is a force to be reckoned with on the road.  As Cadillac and AMG and Lexus are hot on its heels, BMW doubles the ante.

Double down is what this test car did to the options list too.

This example went from a $57k base to $82 with a huge bag of tricks. The window sticker is included in the gallery below.

The options’ merits will be up to the new owner.  iDrive seems same and is the most evolutionary part of this game-change of a platform and powertrain.

The handling and lightness in feel are what stuck with me.  As well as its sheer pace!

2017 BMW 540i M Sport