Insider: 11 Car Maintenance Checks You Should Never Do By Yourself

Knowing how to perform essential maintenance jobs on your car, like replacing your oil and air filter, can save you hundreds of dollars. Do you have access to the right tools or a work area? With good knowledge and skill in vehicle fixes, you are all set up to cut down your car maintenance cost. However, there are some complicated vehicle fixes you should trust the professionals with instead of fixing them yourself. 

With the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) attributing 20% of road accidents to poor car maintenance practices, it is crucial to check your vehicle regularly. While this is important, care must be taken in undergoing some of these checks, making it practical to engage a professional service to avoid further costs or extensive damage to your vehicle. With that said, here are some of the vehicle checks you should never do yourself. 

  • Windshield replacement 

Replacing your car’s windshield is too much of a specialized job requiring the utilization of specific instruments that you may probably not have. Therefore, if you have a huge chip or crack on your windshield, make sure to take it to an expert. A poorly fixed windshield can pop during an accident, resulting in dire consequences for the vehicle’s occupants. Moreover, front airbags exert significant force on the windshield when deployed and may blow out when it is not secured well. 

  • Recharging or repairing an AC

In general, a car’s air-conditioning systems are more complicated than the vast majority may think. Interestingly most people don’t give its operations much thought. Since a vehicle’s AC system contains synthetic substances, it is best not to attempt to fix or change it yourself. Mechanics go through several routines to guarantee that it stays cool. Fans can break, Freon can spill while compressors can also wear. These are only a fraction of things that ensure your car AC system remains cool all summer.  

  • Transmission repairs

A vehicle’s transmission framework is designed with many intricate parts and serves an extremely pivotal job. Because it’s a complicated gadget, you will need a more than average technician to fix it. While transmission fixes may appear to be a primary job, it is, for sure, exceptionally specialized.

  • Electrics

If you are not particularly sure of your abilities, the last thing you should endeavor to handle is an electrical fix in your car. Modern cars have complicated wiring, controlled by a computer that determines correct car diagnosis and repair solutions to execute the best possible calibrations. These are all vital towards the entire repair procedure. 

  • Car suspension

A suspension system may look generally simple to fix. Whether you are looking at the arms, brushings, or struts, it usually seems simple to repair or replace these thin metal pieces. However, your car’s suspension isn’t something you should try since a single misstep can destroy the whole suspension framework. You might experience some stiffness when driving, and the vehicle may become overly bouncy with bizarre noise. These things are not only a burden, but they present a genuine risk. If your suspension isn’t in good condition, you may be found wanting during emergencies.

  • Bodywork

Fixing your vehicle’s damaged body and applying paint is costly, time-consuming, messy, and toxic. Considering all the preparations and training required, passing on this car maintenance process to the experts is an ideal decision. It is undeniably tempting to fix dents, scuffs, scratches, and fill in the numerous dings on your car all by yourself. Indeed, doing this by yourself will save you money, but it can turn out worse and perhaps cost you more. 

  • Engine repairs or tune-ups

Your car’s engine is probably the most essential and complicated component of your vehicle. It is unquestionably the last job for beginner attempts, mainly since present-day engines are computerized. Should the engine of your car require checkup or broad fixes, take it to a certified expert. If your vehicle is consuming more gas, it is likely not performing at its best and, in the worst-case imaginable, causing a lot of harm to the motor itself.  

  • Cooling system

Now and then, your vehicle will get hot, so it just bodes well that capable parts need to be observed closely and handled appropriately. It is prudent to take your car to a specialist if any part of its cooling system indicates excessive wear and tear. While the internet has so many DIY projects on attending your vehicle’s cooling system, you should sit this one out. Maintaining a cooling system is a delicate exercise that requires professionally trained experts. 

  • Timing belt 

The camshaft is an essential part of the vehicle’s engine and will inevitably require replacement. However, avoid installing a new timing belt by yourself. Replacing your belts entails dismantling a large portion of the vehicle’s engine, and a minor error can lead to significant damage to your motor. If you successfully manage to change the timing belt, the odds of correctly reassembling the parts back to normal are slim. 

  • Balancing your tires 

Replacing a punctured tire is often seen as a regular DIY maintenance check you can handle all alone. But when it comes to mounting another tire on a rim or adjusting your tires, you have to go to an auto mechanics shop. Balancing your tires is a refined activity that requires extraordinary devices for the job. If your tires are not consistently rotated, they can’t wear evenly, which may prematurely require you to replace them. 

  • Fuel pump

The fuel pump in your vehicle supplies fuel at the right strain to the injector in the motor. This is an amazingly sensitive and precise bit of hardware. It is quite expensive to replace or repair, so it comes as no surprise that several individuals are tempted to check themselves. Wrong repair work can cause catastrophic vehicle failure, which may prompt your car to be scrapped entirely. 

The bottom line is that instead of attempting a DIY vehicle repair, reach out to a trusted mechanic for the best services and expert advice for all your car needs.