2015 CES Showfloor Best and Worst + 75 High-Res Photos of Automotive Future-Tech

ces15Wish you were in Vegas this week for endless keynote speeches bags of cool tech swag, product demo’s and a glimpse into the future?

We have the next best thing: a full showfloor gallery of the coolest automotive tech displayed.

As a reminder, this below gallery (should) be the new lightbox setup. So after a pic opens in a new tab, the original page is now set up as a slideshow. Click the right-hand side of a photo to scroll to next pic, and the left-hand side of a pic to see previous photo.

Why a new tab first?  As our tech boffins… once if they come back from Vegas…. =]

Best things?

The clear demo car for OEM supplier TRW, plus the new Mercedes F015 — which looks hideous but is actually very cool. The BMW i3 drive experience outside is also fun. They appear to have … ahem… plenty to sample.CES 2015 Showfloor Gallery 13 CES 2015 Showfloor Gallery 12CES 2015 Showfloor Gallery 11


Touch this, don’t touch that. Can’t you read the sign…?

The dozens of “Do Not Touch” signs throughout the cabin of the Tesla Model X prototype. Or the very, very embarrassing touchpanel concept in the Volkswagen Golf R Touch. CES 2015 Showfloor Gallery 69 CES 2015 Showfloor Gallery 68 CES 2015 Showfloor Gallery 67

VW needs to focus on putting USB ports in *any* of its US-sold cars first before diving into a new touch operating system. The Golf GTI we tested had an iPhone 4 plug (yay!) but it did not charge or recognize my iPhone 4 (boo!).

Compare the Golf R’s glass head unit to Hyundai’s dash concept for a sense of backward yestertech in the VW.CES 2015 Showfloor Gallery 55 CES 2015 Showfloor Gallery 18

2015 CES Showfloor Gallery