Best of Pebble Beach – 2017 INFINITI Prototype 9 in 33 New Photos

Updated 8.22.17

How can we give a Best Of Award already?   The Concours has not even begun yet!

In terms of modern OEM exotics and concepts, the Infiniti Prototype 9 is already one of the most memorable and high-impact designs.   Absolutely stunning.

High-impact but low volume!  The Prototype 9’s main drawback might be its lack of period combustion engine note….!



A 1940s racer for modern day?  How about one with an all-electric driveline and single-seater cabin?

The perfect fit for the world’s most prestigious concours: Pebble Beach.

Infiniti just whipped the silk capes off their Prototype 9.  And boy will it stop you in your tracks.

Even the ‘endless road’ Infiniti badge is expressed artfully.  It now stands proud atop the hood edge like a radiator cap.  The waterfall front grille is slightly tacky on first glance but does make sense.  When viewed directly head-on, the shape of this sunken grille matches the wide jawline of the Q60 sports coupe, among other production cars.

Infiniti’s goal with this concept was of course design-led, and we celebrate that.  They also focused on the construction techniques from the pre-war period.  The bodyword, for example, is reinforced with boxed steel patterns like an aircraft.  The hand-honed panels are smooth as glass — with evocative slashes and aero shaping that is advanced for the time.  Using what we know now, the streamliner aero teardrop is even more effective than it was in its era.

This concept runs a modest electric powertrain that delivers a 0-60 in around 5.5 seconds — also period optimistic.  This much power in such a light frame — with these tall tires — ensures a lively handling experience from behind the wheel.

You can be sure all the Pebble Beach 2017 concours guests will dream of snapping on a helmet and goggles for a go!

2017 INFINITI Prototype 9

2017 INFINITI Prototype 9 – Technical specifications

Body and chassis
Layout Single-seater race car with steel ladder frame and handmade steel body panels
Layout Lithium-ion battery with electric motor
Battery type Lithium-ion
Max power (motor) 120 kW (148 hp)
Max torque 320 Nm (236 lb-ft)
Transmission Single-speed 
Drivetrain Rear-wheel drive
Suspension and steering
Front Leading-arm rigid axle with transverse leaf spring
Rear De Dion axle with transverse leaf spring
Steering Non-power assisted
Dampers Hydraulic rotary type
Wheels, tires and brakes
Wheels Front Center-locking wire spokes, 19-inch
Rear Center-locking wire spokes, 19-inch
Tires Front 450-19
Rear 650-19
Brakes Front 252 mm ventilated discs without booster
Rear 252 mm solid discs without booster
Dimensions, mm (inches)
Length 4,330 (170.5)
Width 1,820 (71.7)
Height 910 (35.8)
Ground clearance 65 (2.5)
Wheelbase 2700 (106.3)
Track Front 1,550  (61.0)
Rear 1,570 (61.8)
Weight, kg (lbs)
Vehicle weight 890 (1,962)
Weight distribution, fr/rr 43 / 57
Top speed, kph (mph) 170 (105.6)
Acceleration, 0-100 kph 5.5 secs