Lamborghini TRACK and PLAY – Telemetry VIDEO APP Is New Accessori Originali

The latest hotness in the POV track videos is …. as always, the production values!

And the actual car being flogged!  Or the host.aventador sv track play

More and more these days, it is also the data, too.

No longer just for LeMans laptop boffins, the real-time data on a car’s throttle, G-force, brakes and steering lock are extremely helpful for entertainment value and for driver’s ed.

These are no sophomoric effort, though: the new Track and Play App for iOS lets Aventador and Huracan owners download their telemetry data over wifi, then sync that data back onto their drive videos easily.

This new Accessori Originali is a few clicks behind the latest and greatest of these systems from the Cadillac CTS-V — which integrates a built-in GoPro camera in the upper windshield.  The Lambo solution is a bit jankier: it overlays the car’s performance data onto an iphone video itself.

The problem with this is multiple: the iPhone has to be mounted on the windshield in a cheap and nasty way.  And from experience, I can tell you that these videos will be shaky and lumpy.

So, we have data.. but we may lose production value?

Luckily, the host is YOU and the car is a LAMBORGHINI!  So we’re still net positive here.  And besides, you’ll be doing wild adventures like this video below at IMOLA or the the winter drive experience up in the mountains somewhere.  The below video featuring the new Aventador SV is worth a watch.  Some cool slow-mo’s and glorious sonics.

Track and Play is available on the iOS app store.


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Lamborghini Track and Play

Track and Play is a product from Accessori Originali Automobili Lamborghini’s sport range, developed by After Sales in collaboration with R&D. Track and Play is comprised of an App for iOS and a control unit on the super sports car. Once a smartphone is connected via WiFi to the central unit, the driver of a Lamborghini Aventador or Huracán can record their personal performance on track, using any of the many pre-uploaded tracks or a new track created by the driver. The App can collect and analyze all the telemetric data, synchronized with the video footage.


Lamborghini TRACK and PLAY App – Video Stills