2015 BMW M4 and M4 Cabrio by HAMANN Hit 517HP via ECU Reflash

hamann m4The new M4 and M4 Convertible are extremely hot commodities these days — with supplies still limited and few making their way into buyer hands yet.

That is not stopped German tuner Hamann from finalizing its first upgrades for the new M4’s. Wheels, lowering springs, body and aero upgrades and cabin details are all ready-to-ship today.2015 BMW M4 by HAMANN 35

The GT3-style rear wing and front/rear diffusers are great.

But it is the 85-horsepower jump in power via a plug-and-play ECU module that seems most appealing as a first step in the upgrades. The reflash changes numerous parameters to optimize power, shift points and numerous other handling and throttle tweaks. Very cool and easy way to unlock a next level of power from the stock M4 engine.

We’ve outlined the F82/F83 Hamann product catalog, as shown on the new F82 M4 Coupe and F83 M4 Convertible.


2015 BMW M4 by HAMANN

HAMANN power advancement module by plugin system

power increase up to 517 hp / 380 kW at 5500 – 7300 rpm
(stock 431 hp / 317 kW at 5500 – 7300 rpm.)
max. torque 700 Nm at 1850 – 5500 rpm
(stock 550 Nm at 1850 – 5500 rpm.)

The technical data given refers to the German version. Due to certain legal regulations in different countries, deviations in the technical data described here can accur.
Results may vary depending on basis engine, vehicle equipment, transmission, gear and final
drive ratios, wheel/tire combination, etc. To reach the maximum power of petrol engines, you need
to use top graded fuel Super Plus 98 ROZ.


2015 BMW M4 by HAMANN 37 2015 BMW M4 by HAMANN 36  2015 BMW M4 by HAMANN 34

front spoiler
for BMW M4 Coupe F82 & M4 Cabriolet F83
Order No. 10 F82 200

side sills
for BMW M4 Coupe F82 & M4 Cabriolet F83
Order No. 10 F82 220 – SATZ

rear wing 5-pieced
for BMW M4 Coupe F82
Order No. 10 F82 230 – KPL

rear end panel 7-pieced
incl. 4 fins in clear-coated carbon for BMW M4 Coupe F82 & M4 Cabriolet F83
Order No. 10 F82 245 – KPL

bonnet in clear-coated carbon black
for BMW M4 Coupe F82 & M4 Cabriolet F83
Order No. 10 F82 115

front spoiler in clear-coated carbon black
Order No. 10 F82 201

air ducts including trim strips 4-pieced for front fenders
in clear-coated Carbon black for BMW M4 Coupe F82 & M4 Cabriolet F83
Order No. 10 F82 215 – SATZ

tailpipes in Carbon fibre Ø 90mm
for assembly to OEM rear muffler
for BMW M4 Coupe F32  & M4 Cabriolet F832015 BMW M4 by HAMANN 11 2015 BMW M4 by HAMANN 4 2015 BMW M4 by HAMANN 5 2015 BMW M4 by HAMANN 12 2015 BMW M4 by HAMANN 23 2015 BMW M4 by HAMANN 6 2015 BMW M4 by HAMANN 22 2015 BMW M4 by HAMANN 16 2015 BMW M4 by HAMANN 20

In silver anodized aluminium
for vehicles with
seven-speed M Double Clutch Drivelogic transmission
Order No. 80 010 130

In black anodized aluminium
for vehicles with
seven-speed M Double Clutch Drivelogic transmission
Order No. 80 010 131

In silver anodized aluminium
For left-hand drive cars
Order No. 80 034 050

In black anodized aluminium
For left-hand drive cars
Order No. 80 034 052

LED laser door entry illumination with HAMANN logo
Order No. 80 099 5062015 BMW M4 by HAMANN 28 2015 BMW M4 by HAMANN 27 2015 BMW M4 by HAMANN 24 2015 BMW M4 by HAMANN 9 2015 BMW M4 by HAMANN 1 2015 BMW M4 by HAMANN 19

exclusive floor mat set
for BMW M4 Coupé F82 LHD in deep-pile velours black with embroidered HAMANN-logo in silver and nubuck border including double contrast stiching

lowering kit
for BMW F82 M4 Coupe
4 progressive lowering springs
lowering approx. FA 35 mm / RA 30 mm
Order No. 20 082 110 – Satz

lowering kit
for BMW F82 M4 Coupe with 21″ HAMANN wheel set
4 progressive lowering springs
lowering approx. FA 35 mm / RA 20 mm
Order No. 20 082 111 – Satz

sport stabilizer bars
stabilizer bar for FA/RA
for BMW M4 Coupé F82
2-times adjustable at front axle
FA Ø 30 mm / RA Ø 25 mm
reduce over/under steering, improve handling, minimizing body roll

2015 BMW M4 by HAMANN2015 BMW M4 by HAMANN 3 2015 BMW M4 by HAMANN 14 2015 BMW M4 by HAMANN 21 2015 BMW M4 by HAMANN 20 2015 BMW M4 by HAMANN 29

PRESS RELEASE                                        


“M” in Swabian German

  • Car refiner Hamann equips the BMW M4 with a formidable aerodynamics kit

  • Rear wing in GT3 style made of carbon fibre reinforced GRP composite material dominates the rear

  • Front spoiler, bonnet and rear spoiler impress with elements made of high-quality visible carbon fibre

  • Increased output to up to 517hp (380 kW) ensures noticeable performance upgrade of the muscular sports coupé

  • Thanks to tailored lowering and sportive adjustment Hamann realises driving dynamics suitable for race tracks

  • Impressive wheel/tyre combination of Hamann’s 21-inch “Anniversary Evo” light-alloy wheels and high-performance Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R tyres

  • First public presentation at Essen Motor Show at the booth of technology partner H&R in Hall 10



It is something very special, this F82. Not only because it comes with a roaring turbocharged six-cylinder engine, but also because its overall concept actually allows free play to the claim of being a sports car. According to the Bavarian manufacturer the limits of physics are its only enemy. Until now. This fit occasion the refiner and tuning expert from Laupheim, Hamann Motorsport, did not want to miss: The Swabian interpretation of the “M” sports car faces the standard M4 in a more than self-confident manner. Thus, Hamann once again follows the customers’ demand for even more individuality than the manufacturer’s personalisation options allow.


The muscular GT3-design rear wing sitting enthroned on a light-alloy profile immediately catches the eye. The aerodynamic component featuring sides made of visible carbon fibre dominates the rear and underlines the status as purebred sports car.


The one-piece carbon bonnet with dynamic beads also attests this: the partial coating in car body colour allows for an exclusive view of the high-tech material. At the front, it is Hamann’s creation with carbon-fibre spoiler lip that impresses – a striking detail that will not only send motorsport fans into transports of delight. The elegantly profiled aerodynamics part increases the downforce as in the GT Sport. It is an attention-grabbing contrast to the standard model’s chunky air intakes and reaches as far as the wings’ edges.

The specialists from Laupheim continue this clear line with pronounced side skirts. In true Hamann style, the standard rear is pepped up by a diffuser with four massive carbon winglets, offering a striking setting for the four-pipe exhaust system. Even the tailpipes the refiner does not leave untouched: the German tuning manufacture finishes off its work with carbon-fibre tail pieces with a diameter of 90 mm that proudly bear the noble Hamann brand mark.  


Although the standard M4, which comes with 317 kW (431 hp), is anything but underpowered, you cannot go wrong with more. Hamann fulfils the strong desire of racing fans and Nürburgring enthusiasts with a special control module for electronic power advancement that waits under the bonnet, if desired. It increases the engine power output to impressive 380 kW (517 hp) and presses forward heavily: at 1 850 – 5 500 rpm, Hamann makes the V6 turbocharged engine produce a maximum torque of 700 Nm – 150 more than the standard model features. With these acceleration values, the modified M4 should be at least one step ahead.


For making this power controllable it is also necessary to modify the suspension: Hamann brings down the vehicle’s centre of gravity by around 30 mm, not only giving the car a racy look. Additionally, the experts from Laupheim use reinforced sport anti-roll bars that optimise the steering behaviour and reduce body roll. The precise adjustment to the adaptive M suspension guarantees that the M4 is not thrown off the track, even near the limit – given that the right wheel/tyre combination is used.


The 21-inch “Anniversary Evo” light-alloy wheel’s multi-spoke design comes with a glossy black finish. High-performance Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R tyres passed the car refiner’s tough tests with flying colours. On the front axle, Hamann relies on 9.0 J x 21 ET 32 wheels combined with tyres in size 245/30 ZR21. The rear axle impresses with 305/25 ZR21 tyres and “Anniversary Evo” wheels in 11.0 J x 21 ET 50. In the experience of the Hamann developers this combination convinces by best handling characteristics and excellent acceleration and deceleration values when combined with the M carbon ceramic brakes.


Also the interior cannot do without that certain something: hence, sport pedals made of black anodised aluminium, and exclusive floor mats made of high-pile velours from Hamann’s interior programme are essential elements. Those looking for that special something will be delighted with the car door LED welcome projector lights with Hamann logo. The high-quality and tailored Hamann components for the M4 are available now individually or as complete set. Hamann refines the cars at its headquarters in Laupheim as well as at international partner sites.



Performance values stated above may vary depending on engine type, the vehicle’s equipment, gearbox, transmission ratio, wheel/tyre combination. To achieve optimal performance with petrol engines, Super Plus 98 ROZ or higher petrol types need to be used.


For high-performance vehicles, HAMANN uses and recommends high-performance lubricants from LIQUI MOLY.


Please visit www.HAMANN-MOTORSPORT.com for more press releases and images of the extensive Hamann programme.

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