Porsche Boxster Paradox – Best Sportscar No One Craves? 20-Inch Schmidt Revo Alloys Help

What is going on in this world when the Porsche Boxster cannot start the pulse racing?

Perhaps it is the lack of torque. Perhaps it is the pricing that rapidly kisses $75k+ with the options you want.

But for outsiders, the Boxster’s real problem is that showroom models wear some of the nerdiest, most vanilla and generally boring style and stance.

The car is just a total snooze in most of its retiree-favorite colors and wheels.

Porsche is trying to relight the passion once held in enthusiast circles for the car via special editions, but these cost yet more money.  Money that could be spent getting DOUBLE the horsepower of the Boxster via the Hellcat — or the raw boner-making skills of countless other semi-exotics and supercoupes.

The shame in all this is that the Boxster is flawless for drivers. A true love for owners.

How to give the car a little 918 Spyder coolness on the roads?


These 20–inch Gambit alloys from SCHMIDT Revolution in Germany are perfect for the Boxster — filling its wheel wells with a powerful energy totally absent from the factory ragtop.

A 30-mm lowering kit helps the stance too — with these from Eibach doing the trick nicely.

So, Boxster owners. Get your groove back!

And go for a sport exhaust for extra puppy-love goosebumps and stars in your eyes.

Porsche Boxster by SCHMIDT Revolution




Wheel rims designers can give free rein to their imagination, because everything is now feasible and maintains meticulous compliance with all general requirements such as concentricity and load carrying capacity – also blessing of TÜV. And since wheel rims design is known to be an apparently inexhaustible wide field, each car fan can find everything he needs on the shelves of the company SCHMIDT Revolution in Bad Segeberg.

In this case, the professionals of SCHMIDT Revolution have tackled a Porsche Boxster. Namely in such a way that they have replaced the factory mounted wheel and tire combination by a set of grandiose Gambit rims. Manufactured from one piece, Gambit rims impress among others with extremely sporty design with polished Outline. The 19-inch design is available in the currently trendy Standard colours black and silver and the 20-inch design is in matt black and they are kept ready for customers in sizes from 8.5 x 19 to 10×20. Special colours and special bolt circle according to customer requirements, as well as powder coatings are naturally also possible.

Back to the test subjects of Zuffenhausen. The built-in set of Gambit rims is custom-made for the Boxster – precisely determined wheel offsets fill the wheel cases perfectly and provide greater transverse stability. At the front axle the dimension 8.5 x20 inch is mounted in combination with 245/30-20er tires and on the rear axle in 10×20 with 285/30-20. And thus the sports car comes in total a little closer on the tarmac, more 30 mm lowering is achieved by means of Eibach springs.

Photos: Jordi Miranda

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