3.3s, 750HP Audi TTRS Black Hawk by HPerformance.de

Wow!  750 horsepower from a 2.5-liter five-cylinder!?

Not easy to achieve — and something that took almost a total redesign of the TTRS engine from all sides.  New turbo, fuel system race tech, MTR tune, custom downpipe and exhaust system…. the list literally goes on and on.

The results shout for themselves, however, rocketing this TT to 60-mph in an estimated ~3.3-seconds and on to a gear-limited ~178-mph?


You have been warned.  If you see an HPerformance charge cooler graphic in your rearview mirror on the autobahn, get right.   Clear the way, slowpokes!

The whole 750HP shebang is priced at 50k Euros, but the GTS turbo kit and tune producing 600HP is available at a more reasonable 10k total from HPerformance.de.


Audi TTRS Black Hawk by HPerformance.de


Worldwide strongest TTRS with 750 PS by HPERFORMANCE

HPerformance at Osterburken, Germany – a company’s name that more than ever stands for pioneering spirit and development – once more crosses the known up to now 5 cylinders TFSI tuning limits by finishing of its actual project. In the past already, the team around Tobias HAEFNER caught attention by tuning of similar strong “conspecifics”, taking into account that the here presented Audi TTRS specimen with its 750 HP (= 551 kW) and 880 Nm of torque puts in the shade all ever having existed in this respect.

“Development needs time” – and so this tuned by HPerformance TTRS was not “born” over night. The progressing experience in the practice of planning and testing brought along always new findings, that – at the end – contributed to the success of the project.

Core piece of the operation was a tuned GTX-35 turbocharger, applied to an Hperformance exhaust manifold. The chilling is achieved by a company own charge air cooler, the air feed of which is guaranteed by a 90 mm air intake. Likewise known from preceding projects is the 90 mm Clubsport exhaust system. This way, the Black Hawk, as the vehicle was christened in a species-appropriate manner, develops a sound background, that does not only make goosebumps, but makes remember, furthermore, the rally ancestors in the past. The fuel feed was also modified. Besides a tuned high-pressure fuel pump, optimized injectors were installed, too, in order to warrant for the engine fuel supply. The power transmission is materialized via a spring-borne sintered metal clutch. In order to cut off the generated out of all these power components movement at any time, an Audi R8 ceramics brake system was installed. And in order to warrant for a smooth interaction of all these components, the software development partner MTR-Performance made car balancing in real time.

The total tuning costs are about 50,000 Euro. By the way, HPerformance offers this kind of car tuning, as well as the inferior tuning stage, in shape of a tuning kit. The first steps can be made by a 600 HP 9,999 Euro turbokit.

Last but not least should be mentioned that the Osterburken team has already announced to be intended to trespass this (power) range too. For more information concerning this Black Hawk TTRS please contact directly

Owner & contact person: Tobias HAEFNER
Silcherstrasse 29
D-74706 Osterburken
Phone: +49 6291 / 648 76 01
E-mail: info@hperformance.de
Internet: http://www.hperformance.de

Photos: Jordi Miranda