Worlds First Supercar – 1909 Benz 35-60PS Speedster Ran 9-Liter Four-Cylinder!

Betting directionally on the value of supercars is tougher than the stock or art or commodities markets. Where the natural trend for the above indices is to scale upward, most classic cars are generally never going to appreciate over time.

This makes car collecting more of a passion play than the normal art auction scene.

Long story short: we’re obviously not going to go all in one way or another on future car values.

But come on!

This car.

One of the world’s first supercars, with triple the power and speed of a contemporary Model T? Yes, as Ford rolled out its first car, Benz was already making hypercars. [This 1909 car predates the 1926 Mercedes merger of Daimler and Benz.]

So what price would you put on this machine? One finished in the iconic white and brass look of the era’s racecars, topped out at nearly 100-kph and ran a 9-liter four-cylinder engine?

Just $150,000 took this prize home from RM Auctions 2013 London sale. It was a huge Mercedes Collection event, so may have been lost in the sea of other Star classics…. but even so.

Sure to appreciate in value while you appreciate the big power from a supercar pioneer.

1909 Benz 35-60PS Speedster

RM Auctions


8-9 September 2013

Mercedes Collection

Lot 143

1909 Benz 35/60 HP Speedster

To be auctioned on Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sold for £95,200

  • Chassis no. 1920
  • Engine no. 2911