1962 APAL-Porsche 1600 GT Coupe – RM Arizona 2016 Preview

1962 APAL-Porsche 1600 GT CoupeSmooth. Seductive. Tuscan?

Look at this stunning 1962 Porsche heading for auction at the RM Arizona 2016 event. Rally-perfect bumper with sunken 901/911 proportions, this machine is a stunning bespoke prototype from APAL studio in 1962.

No estimate or description is yet available for the1600 GT Coupe, but it will go without reserve. We’d bring at least $350,000, and perhaps significantly more.

1962 APAL-Porsche 1600 GT Coupe


Photo Credit: David Gooley ©2015 Courtesy of RM Sothebys