2016 Renault Talisman Estate Runs New Tech and Style To Battle Euro Wagon All-Stars

2016 Renault Talisman Estate

The full-size car market in Europe is one of the lifebloods of the industry. Renault cites sales of D-segment cars totaling more than a million units annually.

Of that, wagons make up 54-percent!

That is a shocking total, but it makes great sense. Room for families, dogs, skis, bikes and everything else… but the handling and luxury ride of a posh limo? That is the fast-wagon promise. The new Talisman will deliver thanks to a giant new trunk and even a big bump in rear headroom.

Just seating for five and front-drive would limit the Talisman’s potential if sold off the continent, but are what buyers want in the old world.

The style should also be as long, low and wide as possible to really ace our metrics of sexy wagon coolness.

The only issue with the Talisman as a hot ‘fast wagon’ is that it will likely drag major ass versus a 535i Touring or E350 Estate. The top engine so far announced is the TCe200 petrol paired to a seven-speed DCT.

Even so, a huge upgrade in cabin tech — plus all-new style — will be an effective buyer draw for the new Talisman estate. The car arrives in Europe around March of 2016.

2016 Renault Talisman Estate

Renault unveils the new Talisman Estate

Renault has taken the wraps off the Talisman Estate which will stand alongside the model’s saloon version that was revealed on July 6. This new large estate car delivers the same technological features as the saloon, along with extra load-carrying ability:

  • Assertive styling with a sleek silhouette and dynamic proportions in keeping with the segment’s status-enhancing cues,
  • An unprecedented level of driving enjoyment thanks to the combination of the 4Control chassis and active damping, while Multi-Sense technology provides a truly personalised experience,
  • Generous interior space and unrivalled comfort, with front seats that benefit from integrated ventilation,
  • Almost 1,700dm3 of load space (VDA),
  • Plus the R-Link2 multimedia tablet, BOSE® Surround Sound and a comprehensive range of driving aids and equipment designed to enhance travelling comfort.

The Renault Talisman Estate will go on sale in Europe during the first half of 2016.


  1. The Talisman Estate: Renault’s new large estate

Following the presentation of the saloon version of the Talisman on July 6, Renault has today taken the wraps off the new Talisman Estate.
The D segment (saloons and estates combined) amounts to more than one million vehicle sales in Europe each year, with estates accounting for 54% of that figure.
The new Renault Talisman Estate carries over all the benefits of the saloon version, while adding the stylish lines and practicality of an estate.

1.1 Racy styling

The Talisman Estate features exactly the same dimensions as the saloon (length: 4.86 metres / width: 1.87 metres / height: 1.46 metres / wheelbase: 2.81 metres), along with the same dynamic proportions, sleek profile and high waistline.
The polished aluminium roof bars accentuate the sweeping roofline that is extended by a long lip spoiler. The C-pillar and chrome-bordered side windows contribute to the impression of finesse and sleekness. The slope of the rear window adds a dynamic touch without detracting from boot space.

1.2 Easy to load

Thanks to the powered tailgate – which is activated simply by waving your foot underneath the rear bumper – the boot boasts hands-free opening and closing to facilitate loading.
The Talisman Estate offers 572dm3 (VDA) of load space up to the parcel shelf and a maximum load length of 1,116mm. With the rear seats in the folded position, that figure increases to 2,010mm, equating to a volume of almost 1,700dm3 (VDA).

1.3  The secret to well-being: a spacious, cabin and welcoming, comfortable seats

Designed with the well-being of the driver and passengers in mind, the Renault Talisman Estate – just like the saloon version – is a class leader in terms of interior space. The Estate version additionally benefits from 30mm extra headroom at the rear, extending it to 886mm.

  • Front headroom: 902mm,
  • Rear headroom: 886mm,
  • Front elbow room: 1,512mm,
  • Rear knee room: 262mm,
  • More than 25 litres of cabin stowage.

The accommodating front seats combine the very best characteristics in the class:

  • Up to 10 possible settings (eight of which are electrically adjustable) and a seat cushion length that can be adjusted fore/aft by up to 60mm (Initiale Paris equipment level only),
  • Four-way electric lumbar adjustment (height/depth),
  • A massage function that can be adjusted in type and intensity (two programmes / five sequences),
  • Aviation-style six-way adjustable head rests,
  • Heated seat cushions and backs,
  • Settings memory for up to six individual profiles.

Plus two important new features:

  • Integrated ventilation for greater comfort in hot weather.
  • New ‘Cover Carving Technology’: strong, semi-rigid, lightweight shells incorporated into the front seat backs, freeing up extra space, including more than three additional centimetres of extra knee room for rear passengers.

The Talisman Estate is also available in Initiale Paris trim, offering even greater refinement and comfort, plus an exclusive Améthyste Black exterior finish, special full-grain Nappa® leather upholstery and improved soundproofing, thanks notably to laminated side windows.


  1. The Talisman Estate incorporates technologies designed to enhance driving enjoyment and traveling comfort

2.1 Multi-Sense technology combines four-wheel steering with active damping

For the first time in its segment, the Renault Talisman Estate – just like its saloon sibling – mates the 4Control system to active damping. Around town, the 4Control chassis endows the Talisman Estate with extraordinary agility. Its cornering stability and dexterity when evasive action is required position the new Renault in a class of its own when it comes to confidence and driving comfort.

Renault’s Multi-Sense technology allows the driving experience to be personalised, with four pre-programmed settings (‘Comfort’, ‘Sport’, ‘Neutral’ and ‘Eco’), plus a fully configurable ‘Perso’ mode.

The Talisman Estate is capable of changing its personality in the blink of an eye thanks to a ‘shortcut’ button that enables the driver to switch from the ‘Comfort’ to ‘Sport’ mode, and vice-versa, for example, in just two clicks. Meanwhile, the Talisman’s architecture – which features a lowered centre of gravity and a driving position close to the road – means the Multi-Sense system’s benefits can be enjoyed even more fully, especially when the particularly dynamic ‘Sport’ mode is selected. It is almost as though drivers are able to choose from several cars rolled into one. Whether they are in the mood for a spirited, responsive ride or a smooth, comfortable and refined journey, the choice is theirs – and immediate.

At the same time, the in-car ambiance is adjusted to match by adapting the colour of the interior lighting (blue, red, sepia, green or purple), the presentation and colour of the dashboard information display and the engine sound.

2.2  R-Link 2: the connected control centre

The Renault Talisman Estate offers Renault’s R-Link 2 connected multimedia tablet, available in either a 7-inch landscape format or an 8.7-inch portrait format. R-Link 2 oversees the vehicle’s driving aids as well as all of the standard duties such as the navigation, audio and climate control functions. In addition to the touch-screen display’s features are shortcut buttons, a multi-function rotary control on the centre console and additional steering wheel-mounted controls.

The home pages are now configurable, enabling the driver to directly access the most frequently employed functions or to personalise the interface.

2.3 Tailor-engineered Bose® sound

The Talisman Estate benefits from tailor-engineered BOSE® Surround Sound, produced by 12 high-performance loudspeakers and a subwoofer. Centerpoint® Technology converts the signal from stereo sources into a multi-channel signal to create Surround Sound, while the digital processing of the Bose® signal incorporates the Talisman’s own acoustic properties to generate bespoke equalisation.

2.4  A comprehensive range of driving aids (ADAS)

  • To reassure: Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC); Active Emergency Braking System (AEBS).
  • To alert: Lane Departure Warning (LDW); Safe Distance Warning (SDW); Traffic Sign Recognition with Over Speed Prevention (TSR / OSP); Blind Spot Warning (BSW).
  • To assist: reversing camera; automatic dipped and main beam headlights (AHL); electronic handbrake; front, rear and side parking sensors; and hands-free parking assist.

The retractable, colour head-up display communicates useful information to ensure a relaxed driving experience: current speed, navigational guidance, driving aids (ADAS).

2.5  Driving pleasure courtesy of efficient powertrains

The Renault Talisman Estate offers the same range of engines as the choice that is available for the saloon version.

Two petrol engines:

  • The Energy TCe150 and the Energy TCe 200, combined with seven-speed dual clutch EDC automatic transmission.

Three diesels:

  • The Energy dCi 110, mated to either a six-speed manual gearbox or six-speed dual clutch EDC automatic transmission.
  • The Energy dCi 130, similarly available with the six-speed manual gearbox or six-speed dual clutch EDC transmission.
  • The twin turbo Energy dCi 160 which drives exclusively through six-speed dual clutch EDC transmission.


The Renault Talisman Estate will be available with a choice of four different equipment levels and will additionally be offered in the range-topping Initiale Paris trim. It will make its first public appearance at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show and will go on sale in Europe during the first half of 2016.