Insider: What Your Car Color Says About Your Personality


When we buy a car, there are many things to consider. For some people, it’s all about horsepower and style, and for others its practicality and fuel consumption.

Although we do think about the color when we select the perfect make and model, there is a hidden aspect of the choice you make and how it matches your personality.

You may think this choice is just determined by your favorite color or how you think a particular car should look but in fact, this choice is actually determined by a number of physiological aspects and can give you an insight into your personality.

Check out some of the most popular car color choices and see if any of these features match your psyche.


Interestingly, this color can be a symbol of power and style and also gives off an air of mystery. In relation to personality traits, someone that opts for a black car may want to be taken seriously and sometimes showcases a little arrogance. Of course, it may also be that black is said to hide the dirt well, meaning you don’t have to wash it so much.


This color of car has risen in popularity over the past few years and celebrates a clean, fresh look for a range of models. The color white is said to symbolize a tidy mind-set and liking everything just so, so you won’t mind cleaning it every week to keep it sparkling. However, white is awfully high maintenance.


Blue is said to be a color that people most commonly choose as a favorite color, but although is well known, it is not as popular as other favorites. Choosing this color for a car model is said to be for people who like things outside of the norm and aren’t afraid to be seen on the road. Different shades of blue including lighter colors also represent playful and fun attitudes.


This muted tone is another popular color for people that want to blend into the background. Although a stylish choice, it is often seen as being preferred by people who like to keep themselves to themselves and don’t want to give too much of their personality away.


Most commonly used for flashy sports cars, the color red is no doubt one of the most vivid and noticeable colors on the road. People who love this color are said to be outspoken and not afraid of being seen and can sometimes be attention seeking. Of course, if you do have an eye-catching Ferrari, why would you want to blend into the crowd? However, if you want a red used Ford Focus and have a particular preference for that particular model, there is heaps of choice out there to suit your personality.


Why does color matter?

Unless you are a buying brand new car and have a choice of colors at the point of sale, choosing a color may have to come as part of your budget in the second-hand market. However, your preferred color is out there, just be sure to be patient when looking for your ideal car.