Ram 1500 BEV Concept To Appear Later This Year, Promises To Shakeup Segment

The Ford F-150 Lightning, Rivian R1T, and the GMC Hummer EV have all made their way to the marketplace for consumers. However, a continuing absence has been the Ram BEV pickup. We have seen our fair share of teaser images and an elaborate EV day hosted by Stellantis revealed some preliminary details about the truck. However, we have not seen a physical representation of the model in the flesh as of yet, but that’s changing according to a new report.


Ram BEV To Make Concept Appearance Later This Year

The report follows up on an interview that Automotive News (AN) had with Ram Brand CEO Mike Koval who revealed that public input was helping shape and design the Ram EV pickup. It would seem that things have been moving forward on that front and the company is preparing to formally reveal the concept later this year. 

Its appearance will also shed light on an increasing pool of pressure that the company has been facing due to the timing that the company has been using in developing the BEV with the aforementioned rivals having up to a two-year headstart in both development and sales. This has created a lot of ground for Ram to make up in the race to get its truck in the hands of customers. However, Ram is not deterred and Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares told analysts from Morgan Stanley that the company is still committed to releasing consumer-ready EV models by 2024 including the Ram BEV pickup.


Best BEV In the Segment?

The long timeline from concept to finished product may seem like a detriment at first glance, but it could also allow Ram to use the time to add features and content that would make the truck (In Ram’s view) the segment’s best. Separate reports suggest that the Ram BEV (assuming it keeps the 1500 moniker) will be underpinned by Stellantis’s Electric Drive Module # 3 (EDM#3) a platform that has inherent flexibility built right into it with the company confirming in the past that the modules can make between 201 and 443 hp. Adding a second module would allow the truck to easily surpass 800 hp and its higher capacity 800-volt system would also allow it to surpass the 400-volt cap that defines EDMs one and two. 

Look for features to also play a prominent role in Ram’s attempt at making a segment-best entry but we will have to wait until we see the concept itself to get a better grasp of what tools the truck will have at its disposal as well as some of the interior technology to help enhance comfort and usability for occupants that spend time inside the truck.