2016 Ferrari 488GTB – All Colors + Animated Visualizer in 300 Images!

The new Ferrari 488 GTB configurator is live and stunning! Fantastic new design details in the 458 –> 488 update are visible in these 3D animated visuals. Two dozen colors, six wheel styles, brakes and carbon upgrades galore.

The builder is actually a new setup as well, with streamlined options that let you fly through the process or customize every element, based on your preferences. (Some previous Ferrari builders have been a ‘next’ ‘next’ type of affair in your browser, while this one lets you scroll down to new menu elements.)488

Favorite design elements of the new mid-engine hotness?

1. The nose from the pure front angle. Now far more serious, aggressive and purposeful. The hood looks almost sheer and flat, with the lamps even more menacing stripes at the other edges. The lower bumper is almost all intake, broken up visually by twin central pillars. This recalls F1 racers but not in a heavy-handed way, like the F360 and its retro elephant-ear grilles.488 gtb colors animation

2. Around the side, the new intake is larger with a huge intake tract split by a painted horizontal wing. Feels wide and cool, while the whole profile feels lower than ever. An optional black-painted roof is a stellar look right off the bat.

3. Around the tail, simplification and purity of purpose along with latest aero and tech. The brake lights are now open-centered 3D globes of light, with the inner LED elements heavily tinted and invisible until lit.

4. The active rear diffuser is really cool.

2016 Ferrari 488GTB COLORS2016 Ferrari 488GTB Colors  51-tile

Fully 300 new images to share below, plus every color offered. We love the Bianco Avus (white), Mugello (crimson), Abu Dhabi Blue and even Grigio Ingrid. 2015 Ferrari 488GTB White 2015 Ferrari 488GTB Blue 488 mugello 2015 Ferrari 488GTB Grigio Ingrid 488 mugello rosso


In terms of interiors, we love the Daytona seats even though they are not as plush or power-adjusted as some of the base thrones. All seats are available in small, medium or large sizes.

The luggage area and roof are all stunning in leather, and we’d spec the handy fire extinguisher box. A spare 20-inch wheel is optional, as are the Scuderia fender emblems this year.

The builder like is below – have fun!


2016 Ferrari 488 GTB – Exterior Colors

 488 gtb colors animation

2016 Ferrari 488 GTB – Exterior Options

2016 Ferrari 488 GTB – Interior Options



Customize your own over at the below links.



 image_575-tile 2016 Ferrari 488GTB White 72 2016 Ferrari 488GTB White 71 2016 Ferrari 488GTB White 70 2016 Ferrari 488GTB White 69 2016 Ferrari 488GTB White 68 2016 Ferrari 488GTB Blue 7 2016 Ferrari 488GTB Blue 6 2016 Ferrari 488GTB Blue 5 2016 Ferrari 488GTB Blue 4 2016 Ferrari 488GTB Blue 3 2016 Ferrari 488GTB Blue 2 2016 Ferrari 488GTB Blue 1 2016 Ferrari 488GTB Blue 8 2016 Ferrari 488GTB White 56 2016 Ferrari 488GTB White 49 2016 Ferrari 488GTB White 58

 2016 Ferrari 488GTB Colors  51-tile image_575-tile


The next Ferrari V8 has arrived!

Named the 488 GTB, this twin-turbo 3.9-liter is an absolute beast in the power and torque department. 660-horsepower pairs with 560-pound-feet of torque for a 60-mph sprint as quick as 2.8-seconds to 60-mph. Top speed is quoted as in excess of 330-kph, or about 205-mph. But based on the new ultra-slippery style, we expect a Vmax in ideal conditions of about 212-mph.

The design outside is a from step forward from the 458, with a meaner and wider-feeling nose that evokes LaFerrari themes, while the side intakes are now twice as large with a split-level air vane. All this air is needed to keep the first V8TT Ferrari cool while delivering its trademark searing performance — and soundtrack.

Special engine designs ensure the 488 GTB will still have a very special and spine-tingling exhaust and engine sound.

The power numbers are special, but it is the torque peak revs that will revolutionize the driving experience. Versus the previous peak around 7000-rpm, the new engine will hit max boost as low as 4000-rpm. This will make an already quick car even more explosively responsive in passing manuevers.

Overall, a thrilling evolution of the Ferrari theme, with a style upgrade to match the new engine’s fierce boosted power.

2015 Ferrari 488 GTB