Insider: How To Keep Your New Car In Pristine Condition

If you have a new car, then you’re going to want to keep it in pristine condition for as long as possible. Doing so isn’t especially difficult; all it takes is time and some financial investment. You shouldn’t struggle to do this if your car is your pride and joy. Keeping your car in pristine condition can help it maintain a high resale value, so it’s in your best interests to keep your car looking, smelling, and feeling new.

Looking after your car mostly involves being smart and keeping on top of the cleaning schedule. You also need to be vigilant in ensuring there are no problems in your car’s oil, brakes and driving capabilities.

Take Care Of All Repairs Needs

First and foremost, don’t allow a small issue to become a much larger problem. If you suspect your car needs some repair work, then don’t delay having repairs carried out. If you’re unlucky enough to scrape or snag the shell of your new car, then ensure that you get your car to the garage as soon as possible. Leaving damaged spots on your car’s exterior can cause increased rate of metal fatigue, and rust to form. If you’re looking for a Mercedes service, then be sure to call professionals who specialize in Mercedes repair to make a good job of fixing up your vehicle. Wherever you can, try to have your car taken care of by specialists who know how your specific car operates, drives, and performs.

Polish and Wax Protectors

Looking after your car is going to take time and care, but it’s all worth it. Keep your car looking like you just drove it out of the showroom, and wax and polish it. Waxing your car can protect it from bugs and saps and prevent other liquids from splashing the paintwork can potentially causing long-term damage. Waxing and polishing keeps your car looking shiny and clean, and a layer of wax is known to make washing your car easier as it keeps hold of the dirt, in turn, allowing it to be wiped away rather than requiring you to scrub at it with a sponge and chamois.

Refresh Your Driving Skills

You can keep your car in pristine condition, you just need to know how and keep the practice of looking after your car up. You might not be keen on the idea of putting your driving skills under examination, but doing so could help you avoid scrapes and knocks in the future. The safer a driver you are, the less chance you have of getting into a road traffic accident or collision. You only stand to benefit from furthering your driving knowledge and skill, so think about booking yourself a driving skills lesson and brushing up on things you might have forgotten. Always be sure that you’re wearing the correct eyeglasses prescription before you drive your car. You should be having your eye tested every two years, so if it’s been a long time since you made your last appointment, be sure to get booked into the garage.

Maintain New Car Smell

To maintain that new car smell, you’re going to have to pay close attention to how clean you keep your car. New cars smell this way because they are new and free from dirt and grime. They are brand new and the fabrics are fresh, items inside have been attended to, polished, cleaned and buffed. Choose an air freshener to scent your car, and replace when necessary. You can even buy air freshers that replicate the smell of a new car, making your vehicle seem much more pleasant, not only for you, but for anyone jumping into the passenger’s seat.

Protect Your Car When Parked

Think sensibly when you come to park your car. If you’re parking in a busy place, or there are tight spots to squeeze into, be active in folding down your wing mirrors. Wherever you can, avoid parking in populated areas, as you run the risk of another driver opening up their car’s door into yours. This can be easily done when there is a strong wind, or if children fling car doors open too quickly. You can add a safety lock to the wheel of your car to prevent thieves from attempting to break into your vehicle, and should be even of a deterrent to stop them from trying to drive your car away. If you have a luxury car, then you will have to be vigilant about leaving items of value inside when you leave it. Be sure never to leave items of worth out on display in your car, otherwise thieves will be more likely to target your vehicle over others.

Use Protective Carpets

New cars don’t come complete with muddy carpets. They are spotless, and in order to keep yours this way, you will have to prevent dirt getting onto the carpets inside. These small fibers retain dirt and odors, so remember that you will have to change the protective carpets mats regularly too. If you don’t use your car for regular travel, then you won’t be required to change the protective carpets regularly, if at all. You will need to use protective carpets to stop the original material from becoming worn and frayed – both of which will decrease the worth of your car.

Cover The Seats

These days, seat covers are inoffensive and look as though they are part of the car’s original design. They aren’t incongruous, and in-fact aren’t always obviously covers themselves. Choose ones that are renowned for quality and look attractive to you. Try to find seat covers that are water and oil resistant, and especially if you have young children. If you have young children, then you might have to accept that slim and designer seat covers are out of the question for now. Seat covers come in a full range of designs, colors, and materials, so keep your car in pristine condition by having them fitted onto each and every car seat.