1987 Buick GNX by ASC McLaren – Detail Photo Flyaround Inside and Out

gnxThe GNX left a sweet mark on the brand and perhaps the car business in general.  It was the announcement of POWER and speed — rejoining mainstream car lines after more than a decade of downsizing, Cimmarons and K-cars.

The heart and soul of the GNX is of course its McLaren-upgraded V6 engine. The 3.8-liter, intercooled turbo was a revolution at the time. Its output bested most V8s and its power delivery was the best part. Through the also-racier standard automatic transmission in the GNX, the giant lump of turbo torque made the most of its lag.

Momentary boost-up for about 500-rpm when you floor it, then a never-ending surge of twist as the motor came on boost and delivered its estimated 350HP and 350 pound-feet of torque.

This is much higher than the GNX 224 badges would tout — but just one dip into the throttle made the GNX a legend, even today 30 years later.

2016 Buick AVISTA Concept

Inside the car, you get a really freaky sense of deja vu. It feels ANCIENT inside, despite this particular GNX being pristine and like-new.  Now might be a good time to snap up a GNX: the next one is firmly on the horizon from Buick for 2018. The car is also in a strange netherworld of valuations: too young to be really valuable, yet too old to be practical or modern transport.

Any McLaren connection seals the deal for us.  As does this same engine’s 188-mph top speed when fitted to the Vauxhall/Lotus Carlton….!

The ASC McLaren factory window sticker of this GNX is also interesting: it shows what a rare breed the cars really were.


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